Xtreamer - Xtreamer Sales have sent wrong product model. Should I pay for this?

Posted on Wednesday, March 24th, 2010 at 1:54am CDT by 1cd5d5b7

Product: XtreamerPro

Company: Xtreamer

Location: Hung Cheung Transportation CO Unit E,6 Floor, Hung Cheung Industrial Centre, Phase 1, 12 Tsing Yeung Circuit, Tuen Mun,N.T.Hong Kong

URL: http://xtreamer.net/

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On 19th Feb 2010 I've placed an order for Xtreamer + Sidewinder + eTRAYz

On 26th Feb 2010 I saw a new XtreamerPro announced, so I asked sales if it is possible to upgrade to Pro. They answered that it will cost me additional 25 euros. I made a payment and confirmed delivery on 15 of April instead of 9 of March.

On 15th Mar 2010 I received confirmation from sales team about payment and saw that my order was actually upgraded to XtreamerPro + eTRAYz

Ok. I just continued to wait till 15 of April.

But suddenly on 21st Mar 2010 I've received shipment status update to my email. I was shocked that the order status changed to Shipped! Next day DHL courier called me when he was near my home! I've arranged with him and got the package. Of course the contents were: Xtreamer + Sidewinder + eTRAYz. I've immediately informed sales about their mistake and provided them information about what I receieved.

Now, while sales say that this is their mistake (obviously) they offered me two options:

1 . keep the current xtreamer and we will refund the difference .(25euro) .

2. Return the xtreamer and the sidewinder and we will Refund all shipping cost .

Well, I didn't mentioned, but I bought 500GB 3.5" hard disk for the XtreamerPro and two 1.5TB disks for eTRAYz. The problem is that the 500GB drive I just cannot stuck in the Xtreamer since it is 3.5". All the drives I bought in order to organize my multimedia before eTRAYz arrives. And therefore I used them. Unfortunately here in Israel we cannot return anything after we use it. Only if it has flaws. So regarding the options offered by Xtreamer I have no choice. I need to return the Xtreamer and wait for XtreamerPro. OK.

But they want me to return it only with regular post mail. Here is another update about how things are here in Israel. Our post office works half of week till 12 am and another half additionally from 4 till 7 pm. Since I am student and also work on a part-time job it is very very inconvenienced for me to go to the pot office. Or I miss lectures or I miss wok hours that I need to return somehow. But wait! What I'm doing now is solving mistake made by Xtreamer sales team! Why? Why am I doing this?

I wrote them that it is not possible for me to do this and I want to send the goodies with door-to-door service (like UPS/FedEx/DHL/whatever). Now I got answer from Xtreamer sales manager:

"You can send it via Any courier company as long it will cost you no more then 10euro for shipment ."

This is ridicules! What courier company charges less than 10 euro?

Moreover, I have already payed customs and VAT for the delivered goodies. Xtreamer does not even offer to refund all these expenses that were payed because of their mistake.


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