Honda Motor - Transsimiton Slip

Posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 4:16pm CDT by 9a73ef07

Product: 2001 Honda Odyssey

Company: Honda Motor

Location: US

Category: Other

March 5th, 2010 as we wore driving from Houston to Dallas all sudden our car transmission gives way and lost power as we driving in major traffic. So after searching on line came to know that Honda Motor has been kept quit and settle with people who sued them in 2006 re: same problem. So I called them and asking why my car was never in recall list. Again they said we sand out notice to all owner. Again I try to explain them that I have been same location for past 10 years and I never received any recall notice. As I came to know all other people had same issue as I did. Than we turn in March 8th, for repair and I never hear from service adviser so I decided to call direct Honda Motor and finally get hold of who ever was handling my case. And by than is March 18th, and end of paying from my pocket for repair that originally should been recall coverage. We all pay high dollar for Honda car and expect to last long but it seems every one is cutting corner. Again American car is still good about recall and reason I said that I had purchased used Chevy and I still get mail if there is any recall issue and they take care of with out question. I am in market for new car but I will re think to give business to Honda in feature.


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