Tmobile - Gouged by Tmobile

Posted on Tuesday, March 23rd, 2010 at 8:32pm CDT by 6ef3c693

Product: Data Services

Company: Tmobile

Location: US


Category: Other

Do NOT do business with Tmobile. Bought the new Nexus One from Google for use with Tmobile. I was price gouged on the data plan over $1000.00 for one month. I have a data plan but apparently exceeded. I was not notified by Tmobile this was happening nor was I advised this phone used so much data. I have a Smartphone before this one but for some reason this phone used a lot more data. The data should have been cut off when I reached my limit or I should have been notified. At the very least they should not rip people off when they go over. $1000.00 is excessive.


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