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Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 4:16pm CDT by b41ced0a

Product: TE DATA Egypt

Company: Internet service TE Data

Location: Cairo, Na, 00202, EG


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I am not sure if that is the right contact to write to or no, but may be you can forward it to the right contact. You may also find it a trivial story but IT IS IMPORTANT FOR SOMEONE, living in a developing country and simply because this person which is me does not have connection ( i mean to know or is a VIP), my future plans and the moment i came closer to my dream, it is fallen a part because of an ignorant indifferent company. I will write a lot of details and sorry for that but i need to make you feel my feeling at the moment.

I am Egyptian, living in Cairo. I used to live at the out skirt of Cairo but when my whole work and life started to be dependent on the internet and since we had a POOR internet service there, i decided to move with my family to a place near the Center of Cairo and bear to pay almost 70% of my monthly income for the rent. I did that because i had an insight about how my future might be in a developing country. Being a girl in Egyptian society, i cannt travel to work abroad but as an alternative, i spend one year on the internet, the poor one, discovering the online world. As a teacher of the Arabic for the non speakers, i directed my efforts toward the distance learning. I moved to that EXPENSIVE place and i worked harder about 15- 20 hours a day on the internet searching, learning and discovering. I used the internet from a Cybernet because it was cheaper at that time, but after getting my first student, i felt more that i should have a secure connection even if it will take what i earned from this student. I subscribed in the trouble company TE DATA, and i wish i did not. ONE YEAR of BAD service and that affected my work badly and i started to lose students because of the bad connection. I went back to the Cyber after tons of complains to the company to find a way.Then I planned with my friend to start our own website to teach online through it instead of just having a random work. We paid some of our saving to the website then to be more professional we joined a course online with a school in Germany which cost us A LOT ( think of the Egyptian pound VS Euro) but just to be more qualified. So it is getting more prosperous by then. I decided on the 20th February to cancel the service from TE DATA and join another new company which is new and they will try to be good because they are new and so far they are. TE DATA, told me that according to the contract the cancellation process takes max 15days, I took a deep breath and canceled. It is today the 22nd of March, and i only hear " NEXT WEEK" , " IN A WEEK". I have to go out in a cafe everyday to work online which i dont mind, but, HOW COME i give a lesson in a CAFE and no quite cafe in EGypt or anywhere, so i have to cancel and cancel but i have to be online too as we are working on filling on the data. OF COURSE, to find a cafe with wireless internet, come on you are in Egypt, you have to go to an EXPENSIVE one. So now i end up with paying at least 40- 60 Egyptian pound a day, simply because i have to work online (search, data entry) at least 10 hours. I have lost my saving and i am not sure i can pay even the rent the coming month.

The reason i am contacting you is that i am going on a sit- in on Wednesday the 24th of March in their main branch in Nasr City, I am sure that they will try to threaten me with being jailed for being trouble maker ( WHICH THEY CAN,i will be myself only, so no body would care about me even if they throw me in prison for months and nobody would know where i would be which is the normal story we hear everyday). But, what i can do, if my only dream to work , just do something i love and now is falling a part.

I will ask them for the last time Tomorrow but then either i will lock myself in a room for ever which i did already for about 2 days now untill i got this idea or i will though my self at the hands of some heartless machine people.

Simply, i am losing my dreams, my 3 years struggle to overcome the bad work situation in my country. PLEASE HELP, iam losing everything, all what i have built and I only know that i have a ceiling above my head till the end of this month only. (PS: I got paid ONLY when i give lessons)


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