Arizona Medical Board - Arizona Medical Board - Negligent or Corrupt?

Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 4:13pm CDT by d56baf3d

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On February 10, 2010, the Arizona Medical Board (AMB) heard two cases against a particular doctor. AMB, per procedure, secured an outside medical consultant (OMC) to review the case and give recommendation.

The OMC determined that the doctor deviated from the standard of care. The doctor defending himself claimed the OMC was biased because it was a local physician. So, the AMB took the time to get a second OMC to review the material.

The second OMC, just like the first, indicated the doctor deviated from the standard of care, and recommended a letter of reprimand (discpline) for the doctor.

OMC (expert witness) after reviewing the information of two patients, provided commentary such as, the doctor (regarding liposuction) "grossly re-sected fat" and suctioned "in areas known to cause deformities."

There was more, and minutes from the meeting are available at

In addition to the doctor deforming and over-suctioning two patients, one patient also had difficulty in retrieving her medical records from the doctor; the doctor withheld her records from not only the patient but from a subsequent treating physician. She had to use the assistance of an attorney two times, and it was not until four months later that she was able to get her records. While this is not acceptable behavior, a particular board member decided not to take action against the doctor for that because the patient "ultimately" (eventually) got her records.

The doctor solicited letters from his own colleagues which (not surprisingly) were in his favor (surely the doctor would not submit negative reviews on his own behalf), indicating the Board's OMC's were just overly critical plastic surgeons.

(On that note, I feel if one spends $15k, $25k, $35k, with a cosmetic or plastic surgeon, they have the right to not come out looking deformed. There is a problem with a medical board who doesn't support this thought process.)

The Medical Board ignored TWO unbiased outside medical consultants' opinions and recommendations, and these two patients were left deformed, one of them also with serious medical conditions, after this "doctor" performed cosmetic surgery.

In addition, when the Board questioned this doctor, they had to repeat and rephrase ONE question 10 (ten) times before the doctor gave a satisfactory answer. It was like they fed the doctor the answer. I recorded the entire proceeding which was open to the public, and have the audio to back my statements.

To top it off, approximately ten complaints (from different patients) had been filed against this doctor. Because the patients, through internet research, found each other, the doctor cried "conspiracy". The medical board sided with the doctor instead of protecting the public.

I had heard before that the Arizona Medical Board is worthless and the "doctors stick together." The Board is comprised mostly of doctors. However, I had faith in humanity, and faith in this Board.

Regarding filing a case with the Arizona Medical Board, many people had told me, "don't waste your time."

I've discovered, unfortunately, these people were right.

It would be Governor Jan Brewer's job to look into this matter, but her office staff has opted to ignore public safety as well, and has declined to even talk to the patient(s).


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