ASHRO - ASHRO Unethical Sales and Billing Practices

Posted on Monday, March 22nd, 2010 at 11:11am CDT by a09c67c5

Company: ASHRO

Location: 3650 Milwaukee Street
Madison, WI, 53714, US


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I've been receiving ASHRO catalogs for years. Recently, I decided to open an account and place my first order for two dresses.

Immediately after placing my order in February 2010, I received a communication that one of the two dresses I ordered would not be available until May 2010, months away. I was given the option to wait for the backorder, or, to cancel the order.

I immediately cancelled the order for the dress and indicated that was too long a period to wait for a back order.

Instead of getting a confirmation that the order was cancelled, I received an whiney "please don't cancel" offer to the effect of "Oh please don't cancel, how about if we give you a discount, instead?" I declined the offer, and for the second time, cancelled the order.

I got another email which asked me to reconsider cancelling and giving me up to a 25% discount. Completely irritated now, by this ploy to keep the sales ticket high, I wrote back and immediately cancelled the order for BOTH dresses. I didn't want EITHER dress.

The response was that it was too late to cancel both dresses, because one had been shipped, but, I could return it immediately for credit.

I received the dress on February 22 and returned it immediately, at my own expense. The confirmation tracking number indicates it was delivered to Customer Returns on February 25, 2010.

Now, today, March 22, nearly a month later, I received my first ASHRO billing statement for the account I opened when I purchased the dress. Naturally, it's for the dress I returned immediately, which, incidentially, was of extremely shoddy quality and quite ugly in comparison to the catalog photograph.

What's worse, the statement -- the FIRST statement I've ever received from ASHRO -- shows not only a charge for the dress I returned, but A PAST DUE FINANCE CHARGE ON THE PRODUCTS I RETURNED AT MY OWN EXPENSE.

They now want $97.05 for the dress and $1.42 in interest charges on a dress I had in my hands for 5 minutes. I've already spent $7.80 in postage to return it, I've kept nothing, and they claim I owe them $100.

I knew, from the outset and the way they tried to prevent me from cancelling the order, they'd pull this stunt -- I just could bet money they'd foul it up and they did.


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a09c67c5, 2010-05-20, 10:48AM CDT

ASHRO finally credited the return of the second dress, long AFTER they assessed finance charges, so now they continue to bill me finance and other charges ... for WHAT? I never had any product requiring financing inasmuch as the product (0ne item) was returned instantly, at my expense, the day I receive it. Now they have billing gorillas calling my home repeatedly to talk to me (when I'm not there). I've written letters, but the callers of course, have nothing to do with that and make no reference at all. They just want to collect on items I didn't buy. This company has horrifically bad customer service.

7264feb7, 2011-03-25, 06:08PM CDT

Be sure when you order from Ashro that you are sure you are going to keep the item. I was shocked to find that they cahrge a restocking fee of 30% before you can get a refund. The item I returned was made of an awful, crinkly stretchy material that was not apparent at all in the picture or description. I know of no other reputable clothing catalog that charges this high of a restocking fee and most charge non at all. This company states 100% satisfaction guarantee. Seems that if you aren't satisfied, the customer pays 30%.

bfac89fa, 2011-09-22, 06:36AM CDT

Caveat emptor re: Ashro

I placed my first order for $75. I saw the authorization on my online bank statement. A day later I got a call from them claiming my card was declined. i gave them the same number again. When I asked did it go through for them this time? they replied, "You can call back in 24 hours and see". My hole in the wall Chinese delivery can tell me instantly but Ashro requires me to call back in 24 hours. They clearly need an efficiency review and review of their credit card merchant contracts.

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