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Posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 at 12:09pm CDT by 65ca5d7b

Product: DNS Support

Company: Dynamic Network Services Inc.

Location: 1230 Elm Street, Fifth Floor
Manchester, NH, 03101, US

URL: http://dyndns.com/

Category: Other

We have been customers with DynDNS for at least 5 years. Recently, a rogue employee who managed our DNS and servers, changed the password to our DynDNS account and changed the account password. Our sites went down and we could nothing.

Trying to find an email address for them was not easy! It looks like they want $75 just to get their phone number.

Emails to [email protected] just bounced.

When I was able to finally reach them thru a secondary account, they send me to a legal link. I ask to speak to a human about this, and they say they won't discuss it.

All they have to do is go look at the WHOIS for our domains that we had with them for 5+ years and see the email address.

They won't change the account email back to this longstanding email address! And they won't talk about it!


Looks like we'll be using a different service.

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254bb9ff, 2012-10-24, 05:22PM CDT

Dynamic Network Services is notorious for this kind of activity noted above and also for failing to follow their own acceptable use policy. They allow cyberstalkers, cyber scammers and related crooks to do whatever they want on sites they host all the time. They will not even listen to victims of severe abuse or cyber scam, identity theft activity. They are the darling of Manchester, NH and it is indeed sad that they are allowed to operate violating 18 USC Sec. 875-880. They will make profits on others' misery.. sound familiar! Looks like they they charge customers who even pay them to email to them.

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