Budget E-Tolls

Posted on Sunday, March 21st, 2010 at 5:27pm CDT by 0876878d

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Location: Dallas, TX, US

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This is the most CROOKED service I have ever seen. Not only was it NOT explained or even mentioned during the time of the rental but Bugdet claims they have nothing to do with it. The removable box in the car is just for show apparently and makes no difference whether its in the car or not.

Through my one research I learned that you are charged the Toll plus $2.50 a day for the term of the rental or $10 a week. The catch is...... Its not $10 for every week you have a toll, its $10 a week for however long you rented the car. So it you rent the car for 2 months (example), and you have 1 toll charge for $.45 cents, you are charged the $.45 PLUS $80.00 (2 months = 8 weeks @ $10 a week). What a profit!!! And you have no way to opt out, or choose to pay your own tolls.


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