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Posted on Saturday, March 20th, 2010 at 1:38pm CDT by dbea2455

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Dale Dye: Consider this before you buy!!!

Ive owned close to a dozen stick bows over my 30 plus years as a trad archerBear, Bighorns, Black Widows, John Schultz, Great Northern and Dale Dye. The Dale Dye was by far the worst bow I have ever owned. Here are the facts:

I wanted to possess a well made recurveone that I could pass down to my grandkids; it was important that it be beautiful and a good shooter. I decided that a Dale Dye Good Medicine would fit the bill nicely. The bow was to be made according to my spec.; length, poundage and most importantly tillered for three fingers under. Dale confirmed the order as discussed, however on the day of shipment he wanted more money than had been quoted. When questioned he adjusted the amount in part and out of excitement I paid the balance.

The first thing I noticed upon receiving the bow was that the appearance exceeded my expectations; it was a real work of art. However try as I might, I couldnt achieve good arrow flight. I tried mixing up arrow spines, arrow lengths, arrow types, different fletch types, brace lengths and nock pointsI even changed how I drew and held the bow.nothing worked. I even had others shoot the bowagain the same results.

Meanwhile, Dale made up another set of limbs that I hadnt ordered; my request was that he put me on a list to be called at a later datewhen according to Dale he would be available; I would then affirm poundage, tip material, etc. and pay the required deposit at that time; anyhow once again excited, I told Dale I would accept the order and once again the price ended up being more than advertised. When confronted, he adjusted in part and I paid the remaining sum.

Frustrated with the original bows lack of performance I called Dale to discuss the limbs tillering, it was then that through some detailed questioning, Dale finally admitted that there was no tiller adjustment with his limbs for three fingers under. Understanding that I would never be able to shoot the bow, I asked Dale if he could remedy the situation. Long story shortno re-tiller was offered and no refund. My only remedy was to sell the bow at a considerable loss to a split fingered shooter.

Meanwhile, despite that I hadnt ever used the extra pair of limbs, the finish started flaking off like an egg shell. I was trying in vain to sell the limbs and a bad finish was unacceptable. Dale recommended that I refinish myself and if I didnt like the results he would take care of it.

After some time I called Dale to see if he couldnt just simply refund the limb orderprimarily because they were not tillered as requested.he stated that they were used and wouldnt offer such a compromise. However he then proclaimed that he could now correct the tiller and build me a new riser to finish out the bow. I couldnt believe my ears; could I really own a Dale Dye that would shoot three under? He assured me that he knew how and I immediately placed an order for a new riser to be named Redemption, that would seamlessly accept the unsold limbs. The riser order was to be identical to the original and I would send him the unused limbs for a re-tiller and matched fit to the new riser.

Once more on the day of shipping the order the sum was considerably more; after some discussion it was discovered that he had checkered the grip in error; a discount was offered I paid the increased difference and excitedly awaited my new bow. Once again the beauty of the bow was quickly apparent, Dale is a great artisan but as I was to be reminded againa horrendous technician. The bow shot worst than everarrows jumped off the shelf unlike any ever witnessed! When I called Dale he stated that it was built for my spec and therefore was a custom and as a custom he offers no refunds. Remember, Dale had the fixthe solution; the expertise to deliver as ordered, yet when questioned it was somehow my problem. I became angry and when questioned further, Dale stated that he never promises anyone that any of his bows will perform.

Wrapping up, Dale offered a refund for the riser but not the now worthless limbs; I returned both to him requesting a refund in whole, but only received an amount equaling the Redemption riser. Bottom line, Dale cost me out of pocket something close to $800 dollars and a great deal of frustration that needs to be shared with the tradbow community. In conclusion, I quietly wonder if Dale will ever make me whole; Im not holding my breath, however I promise to let you know if he ever does.


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936b8656, 2010-10-13, 11:36AM CDT

This guy does not tell the full story Here is a post on stickbow.com that tells all of what was said. cut and past the link below to read the full story.


183f7d88, 2010-10-28, 07:53PM CDT

all you have to do is move the nock point up or down to acheive desired tiller.any trad archer that knows anything knows this.dales bows are top notch and perform flawlessly.just ask the repeat customers on his waiting list.you sir do not belong in the trad community as you are just talkin out your ass.get a grip.dale dye bows are second to none.

56c5f054, 2011-04-06, 10:18AM CDT

Sorry, but anyone who would do as this guy posted kind of deserved what he got. I am also sure Dale knows what he is doing as I have owned many of his bows. Why would you continue to buy from Dale if you were that dis-satisfied, cut your loses and move on. Also sounds like you have no clue about shooting, even a bow tillered for split finger can be made to shoot very well 3 under, usually just requireing a high nocking point. People reading this guys post, please do not let this discourage you from buying a Dye, one of the best out there!

769afada, 2012-09-12, 08:19PM CDT

Your an idiot, Dale makes an awesome bow.... worst part is after reading your bs story i was apprehensive about purchasing a bow from Dale. long story short i did and i love it, hands down favorite bow in my quiver.

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