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Posted on Tuesday, March 2nd, 2010 at 11:56am CST by 5513cc24

Product: CPAP Medical Supplies

Company: Lincare (Billing Office)

Location: 3556 Lakeshore Rd. St. 212
Blasdell, NY, 14219-1400, US


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Lincare has the worst customer service. I am completely dissatisfied with my experience with them and am trapped dealing with them until my CPAP has been purchased by them. I got my CPAP in July 2009. I had Aetna insurance at the time. I was told there would be a 90 day trial and then the CPAP would be purchased, once compliance had been proven (through the smart card in my machine). Turns out that did not happen - after 90 days they continued to bill my insurance for the rental of my CPAP. When I called to complain they said "Oh that's not the way it works - we bill your insurance until we've billed for the cost of the machine, $1400.

In December 2009 my insurance changed as I went on Medicare (I am disabled). I was told by Lincare that the rental of my CPAP would start again ("from zero") - basically they were going to charge my insurance for the entire cost of the CPAP even though they had already received 5 months of rental payment from my prior insurance. I told them that I felt this was not exactly kosher. Two months later I got a letter from my insurance stating they would purchase the CPAP. I waited and waited and waited for Lincare to send the claim to the insurance company. Finally (at the end of February) I contacted Lincare to see what the problem was. I was told they had submitted the claim - which I stated was impossible because my insurance did not receive it and every single other provider I have seen has submitted their claims immediately and have been paid. I was told the claim would be resubmitted. It still has not been submitted. I have told them repeatedly that they will not receive payment for my portion of the CPAP (I have to pay 20% since Medicare only pays 80%) until the claim has been paid by my insurance. Lincare only has 90 days to submit the claim or my insurance will not pay for the CPAP. Why do I have to repeatedly call Lincare to get them to do what they need to do? Melissa at Ext. 213 is responsible for submitting the claim. I am unclear as to why it takes so long to get this done. She cannot provide an answer. Deanna D. at ext 165 is in their collections department and has been sending me bills and letters stating my account is past due - despite the fact that I have stated repeatedly that I will not pay until the claim is submitted to my insurance and that claim has been paid.


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32da4322, 2010-12-19, 02:11PM CST

Been on CPAP machine for 15 yrs with no contract/problems what so ever [used employer insurance]. Couple of yrs ago, I needed new machne & went was sent to Apria. When I mentioned I was on Medeicare, their eyes lighted up & now I know why. They are paid for the CPAP machine up front & then continued to charge "rent". 2010, I dropped employee insurance & am with Aetna Medicare HMO. Apria found I was with Aetna & are still charging for "rental" & now I get a bill. Granted the bill is less than $20 for my "co-Pay". This machine has been paid for several times over it's cost. Isn't the government trying to lower their budget? They can start with durable medical companies & their rental programs. I plan to buy my own CPAP & have no more dealings with durable medical companies & their rental of equipment. The customer service has been outsourced to foreigh countries & it is hopeless to try to satisfy a complaint thru the 1-800 number. I look forward to being free of any medical equipment contract. Glad to read your response as I realize I'm not alone with this problem.

ec0adacc, 2012-06-24, 07:56AM CDT

You are so right! Lincare should really be named Lindon'tcare!! Horrible customer service. I now buy all supplies from an online source and could not be happier. I will never deal with this company again and advise those considering them to find an alternate company.

bjean_knight, 2012-12-17, 06:41AM CST

I have been using Lincare as my oxygen provider since 2010, and they are the worst....I have been left 2 oxygen concentrators that did not work properly...this last time they brought me out a machine that sounds like it is loosing compression and the 5 sec alarm did not sound when I turned the machine on....I immediately called for another machine and I was basically told that the only thing the alarm does is sounds when there is no power to the machine. Like it was really no big deal that it did not alarm.....I ask them what if the lights go out while I'm sleeping.........Hello that is what the alarm is for. The on call guy said that he could bring a battery the next day for the alarm. Well.......what about the night I would sleep without an alarm?? Not to mention that the machine itself sounded like it was loosing air........who knows what was coming from the concentrator?? All he needed to do was bring the battery and hook the guage to the machine to make sure the air that was coming out of the machine was at the purity level it should be. Instead I was left to worry all night about the machine........Is it not there job to make sure the equipment if working correctly before they leave it. And especially since it is life-sustaining.......What in the world is wrong with those folks at Lincare.......

cr1tt0pher, 2013-06-17, 12:33PM CDT

I, too, have had a problem with Lincare. I received my CPAP machine in November, I was told I had to make 10 monthly payments, however I declined and paid all the "payments " in full during the time of delivery of the machine. I think all is well until April rolls around and they tell me I owe them 85 dollars a month since January because it is billed to the insurance companies monthly and my deductible started over and insurance was not paying. I called the billing office many times with my concern. I was told it is "the policy holders responsibility" to know their insurance coverage. I called my insurance company in November to make sure my machine was covered and it was. My problem is not with the lack of coverage, my problem is with the way it was billed to the insurance companies and I was never informed of the way it was billed, how is that my responsibility? Now I am getting phone calls telling me my balance is getting bigger and I need to pay. I paid 50 dollars last month and 20 dollars this month, that is all I can afford. I paid my portion in full when I actually had the money which is why I did it the way I did. I know this can not be the first time this has happened to someone and I got no compassion what so ever from the billing rep. I can't be the first person and I know I won't be the last so why is it not explained better on how it is billed (not the coverage itself) at the time when they can clearly see I paid my portion up front and it was nearing the end of the year. It is easy " your insurance covers 80% and it is billed monthly until paid in full" That simple sentence would have at least alerted me to ask questions. I know there is nothing I can do about it now, but I want to make people aware how this works.

WeagleWeagleWarDangEagle, 2013-08-25, 05:26PM CDT

Oh my gracious!!! Very glad that others are unfortunately having the same problem I am having with this company. My pulmonary doctor doesn't care for this company because it is not a local company, but national company. They continue to charge my insurance company $421.74 a month and my insurance has been paying them, with the exception of my co-pay. I have called the 1-800 number (3 different 1-800 numbers to be exact) to find out how many months, of billing my insurane company, it takes in order for the oxygen concentrator to be paid NO AVAIL!!!!Does anyone out there know this answer? After this machine is paid for, does Lincare still need to file my insurance for the concentrator? With the exception of employee delivering me the machine and two weeks later an employee bringing me additional tubing and a water bottle which provides moisture to my nasal orifices I have not needed them nor have I contacted them for anything. So actually I need 2 questions answered: 1-what is the cost of an oxygen concentrator via Lincare? 2-how many months of Lincare billing my insurance company $421.74 a month for the use of the oxygen concentrator will it take for this machine to be mine? 3-After this machine is paid in full is there any reason why Lincare should be billing my insurance company? If yes, why would they need to bill them? Unless it's to service the concentrator, replace battery, or bring me new accessories needed to effectively utilize this machine. This is RIDICULOUS!!! I cannot get them to call me back so I can get all these questions answered. Please if anyone can answer these questions please do. Thanks in advance for anyone's response/help with all of the above issues. Please send your response to my personal email address so I can be guaranteed to get the answers I so desperately need. Thanks again. My email address is [email protected]

1efa6eb1, 2014-01-19, 10:20AM CST

I too have had problems with lINCARE. I have gotten my second machine and just started paying for this second machine a few months ago, it is like 471.00 a month and I have had to pay towards my 350.00 deductible with cigna since July, I have had to pay 35.70, and have done so. Now i have been required by the state of Il. as a retired state employee, to pay my own secondary ins. and they switched to Medicare advantage, united healthcare starting feb 1st. Lincare sent me a letter stating that medicare told them I had decided to switch from reg. medicare to medicare advantage, and I was required to make a switch. and they stated if my medicare replacment insurance has not contracted with lincare, I would be required to pay the total amount. Which is not feasible at all. that is why I have medicare and secondary ins. which is united Healthcare now. Anyway this will be a hassle I am sure. And they should tell you how many payments will be charged to medicare for your equipment and how long it lasts. but, they do not. I do not think a private oxygen company is availble where I live? thanks, my email is [email protected]

ad63046f, 2014-08-13, 12:01PM CDT

To Lincare My wife contacted to about our billing.

We received an outrageous bill for services over eight months.

We have Medicare and United Health Care.

No way can these services be 20% of the Medicare adjusted

services. Please rebill only current bills.

Edward N Scanlin

#050 Nettie Way

Medford OR


dfe3d166, 2014-09-21, 09:31AM CDT

Their billing department sucks. Instead of billing Aetna first then billing me, they bill on what they think Aetna will cover. Then when Aetna doesn't cover because I haven't met my deductible they send me nasty letters that my bill is 90 days overdue. I had to take the time to go through the EOB(Explanation of Benefits) to find out if I am paying correctly. This is so annoying getting them letters. No other Medical facility does this. I am not very pleased with Lincare, loved my previous medical supplier Medco, too bad they dissolved that part of the business.

8ba766cf, 2015-01-03, 07:50PM CST

Been having problems with LinCare since June 2010 when I brought it home. Received what I was entitled to per month/year. Needed a new nose for my CPAP - never heard from them or received anything. In Dec 2010, ACE was disolved and I transitioned over to MediCAL. I went on MediCare in Aug 2014 ~ Gave someone my MEDICAL # and told her that I would be on MediCare om Aug....

5d422a3a, 2015-02-08, 11:18AM CST

These folks are a joke. I had my sleep test in Oct 2014 and am still waiting for my machine. I have called several times without a call back. My Dr has called with same results. Fortunately a friend from church had one they are not using so I am using it while I wait and wait... BTW I have severe sleep apnia around 200 episodes an hour my blood/oxygen level goes down to 70% while sleeping. They could care less. I am a medicare patient, welcome to Obama care in the Brave New World.

c54bfabe, 2015-03-06, 12:48PM CST

I was told that there was a billing error and I am now responsible for their book keeping error of $395.00 I called my insurance and was told that Lincrap had not been with them since 2012. So I am held responsible for there booking errors. These people are the slime of the earth.

2740d61a, 2015-05-05, 05:20PM CDT

I had employer insurance which paid 100% of my medical equipment. When I changed insurance, I get a notice from the insurance showing my benefits paid and there it was. I was/am still getting billed for equipment I returned almost one year ago! My previous insurance was paying out over $600. per month for six months that I did not have the equipment. I just got a statement from my third insurance company and they are still billing. I was promised that this was taken care of, apparently it wasn't. I'm going to call again and then I'm going to contact the insurance commissioner to see how to file a fraud complaint against them! I am really ticked off as this is stealing money!!!!

Marylyn D., 2015-12-14, 08:22AM CST

Customer I'd. 946-6255. Marylyn Dardeno

Invoice #. BB5TFJRL

My recent bill does not include my secondary insurance.

AARP Health Care Options. 085159790-11

Please update your records and any balance due , Bill AARP. If there is any balance due, Bill me.

Thank You,

Marylyn Dardeno

pat r., 2016-01-02, 04:41PM CST

The worst. I was not informed that I had to pay a rental fee each month. I paid my machine in full October 5 2015 and that payment was screwed up. Now I Pay my bills a week ahead of time, now I am getting past due notices. What is happening to my payments? If call no one knows how to solve the problem. It is so screwed up now that I hate to call. Please update my

records so I have the correct balance. And to think this is just from Oct. lincare account number is 955-0026 and claim number is 153200BJLZ. Can someone with knowledge of my account, please get me the right information. I AM NEVER LATE PAYING MY BILLS!!!!!

Pat Ramundo

Albany Ny 12205

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