Little Angel Adoptions - inhuman, unprofessional and rip off

Posted on Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 5:29pm CDT by 6b99fbb5

Product: attorney for adoption

Company: Little Angel Adoptions

Location: P.O. Box 5606
EL DORADO HILLS, CA, 95762-5606, US

Category: Law, Civil Rights

In April 2009 we were called with a match in our Adoption journey, we were referred by the adoption agency to Jim Handy , the owner/attorney of the above company. Upon leaving a message, Mr. Handy promptly called us to explain the process, the fees and what he needed from us. Payment was sent immediately and unfortunately 5 days later the birth mother had a miscarriage. When we called the office to ask about what was due and what was was refunded, it took over a month to finally get a response ( and after very rude interactions from uncaring employees) and on May 29th we finally received a letter explaining the charges and a note that the refund would be 2437.50. This was after a month and a half of condescending, rude phone requests about my attempts to get an answer to the refund process. We were given the option to leave the refund and "if you are placed again" I will not charge more than the refund. So we did, after 50% of the fee was already on his side for a week of work ( and most of the work is when the baby is born...according to the attorney himself). A year later, we decided to get the refund back, as we lost hope in ever getting placed though this agency...another month of calls went by trying to get an answer about mailing our refund. Finally, another month later they send a letter with the check.However, the check was now for 800.00 less as "we made a mistake on the attorney fees..."it was 350/ hr and not 250.00 as we had calculated in the letter we sent".....I had written a complaint before about this company, yet, it disappeared from the databank with no explanation from If anyone is looking to adopt or in need of an Adoption Attorney, from the bottom of my heart and with a conscience, I cannot recommend this agency/ attorney. Adoption is a painful, emotional, stressing process that can be extremely rewarding if completed....but when things go wrong, one does not expect the experts to be so cold, calculating, uninterested once you pose no gain to them, rude to our emotional loss......they don't deserve to be in the Adoption Law business....maybe criminal will be more fitting

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mike m., 2012-11-05, 06:34PM CST

How can i get in touch with the person. Who filed this complaint.My name is Mike Marek. My phone number is 707 671 4558 and my email is [email protected]

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