Staples - Easytech - Easytech Inept

Posted on Friday, March 19th, 2010 at 1:45pm CDT by 409fa123

Product: Computer Repair

Company: Staples - Easytech

Location: Seattle, WA, US


Category: Other

Easytech I was told it was an excellent resource for computer repair and network security services. Boy was I misled. I paid them come out and optimize and old workstation desktop computer and to help me with my network security. When I had called and requested the service I was told it would only take an hour and a half. 2 hours later the technician seemed to be confused and didn't appear that he knew what he was doing. He had made about 4 calls to someone at his "office" in what I assume was him asking "what do I do next?" It became painfully obvious he was new at this. I politely asked him about the status of the service because I had to pick up my son from baseball practice soon. He said it wouldn't be much longer. This was not the case. His inadequacy at this made me late to pick up my son and I had to ask him to leave because I couldn't have a stranger in my home while I was gone. When I got home I called the store and asked about having someone more qualified to come out and finish the job. I was then told there would another charge because I interrupted the last technician. What?!?! Are you serious? Upon hearing this I became irritated and frustrated because had the first tech knew what he was doing this wouldn't be necessary. At that point I hung up the phone and started calling other services. I settled on secure remote to manage Easytech's failure. It took less than an hour and they were complete with the service. Easytech really needs to train the personnel better.


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