tvc matrix - no refund

Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 8:05pm CDT by f4cc2fee

Product: tvc prodriver

Company: tvc matrix

Location: 3200 w.wilshire blvd. oaklahoma city oaklahoma 73116
oaklahoma city, oa, 73116, US

Category: Other

i payed this company 97.00 to help me find a i could get my license back.they never found anyone to help me.when i cancel the service.i asked for my monies have the monies refunded back into my account.they refused to refund my money.i hope to get my money back by making this complaint.please help me i am a hard working truck driver.i have a family and need my money refunded.thankyou for your help and support.

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b30bc345, 2011-06-26, 01:10PM CDT

Well I hate to say you are the FOOL that decided to use our service. We will not REFUND people for making STUPID MISTAKES! This is how we make money. If we refunded everyone back their money we would go out of business. Too BAD SO SAD!!)

We are not going to RISK loosing out on our business. You are a STUPID DRIVER. Next time don't BREAK THE LAW!

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