Magnamail Ltd - letters send in mail box about winning.

Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 5:04am CDT by 4aa1e421

Company: Magnamail Ltd

Location: NZ

Category: Other

HI there Im complaining about a letter from the mail saying that you have won one off this four prizes and then it says, order know, to find out what you have won, then I went with my husband and make an order, plus send it to them and then waitted about 21 days to receive it, then after that 21 days I rang them and they say thats true I just have to wait 21 days, then I told them I have waitted more then 21 days, then they say maybe its on its way, so me and my husband rang them and they say that I have to send in a post for my order and then they will send me what Ive orderd then I ask them again what about what Ive won, and they say I didnt win anything, I just have to pay for the shipping then they will send my order.

So Im coplaining because for my family and the income its so hard for us to spend money on something besides food for the kids, but I dont like that fact that they are sending letters saying that youve won something, when its not true, just to get people to buy there stuff its not good...if they want people to buy there stuff doit the right way..and in a honest way.

Thanks Jasmine

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2fedfcdc, 2011-05-04, 12:56AM CDT

Hi jasmine

I have recieved a letter from them stating

"yes you have definitely WON! $25,000"

I'm guessing this is just a big scam!

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