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Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 9:06am CDT by de76484e

Product: Landmark Slider windows

Company: Landmark Window Systems

Location: 261 Martindale Rd, Unit 12A 25-27 Keefer Rd
St Catherines, Ontario, La, L2M 6K4, CA


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I had 6 specialty windows (3 panes of glass) installed in March of 2008. I am still trying to get the two that aren't made right replaced. There is a large space at the top where the sash meets the frame. The cold wind comes in so bad that we had to pack the window to keep the cold out in winter. They keep putting me off with excuses of all sorts. They have been coming here Periodically in the past year and have measured but it is still not done. They said they had ordered sashes in January 2010 and after awhile they called and said one came in broken so they had to wait for it. They have given me so many excuses that i feel this is probably a plan to put me off so that i will get discouraged and give it up. My neighbor had twice as many windows replaced for half the price that i paid.

This has caused me so much stress over the past two years. It is pretty sad when companies take advantage of seniors in this way.

I have had the run around since the very beginning. I would call and they would say the person i last talked to was no longer there or they could never find my file or information. They finally came and measured and i was told they would replace the whole of the two windows, then call back a month later and say no they were going to just put in new sashes and came and measured again. A month later they would say again no they had to replace the whole thing, then call back again and say they changed their mind again. This has gone on and on.

I don't believe they have any intention of doing anything and are waiting for me to say forget it, then they are free of having to do anything.

I wrote to the BBB and they weren't very happywith that. They came again and measured and said they ordered sashes. They still haven't fixed the problem and i keep wondering what the next excuse will be.

I think they partly know that they are going to have a hard time to get a good fit so they will likely do nothing.

I had a letter drawn up by a lawyer and will likely have to get it filed at the Courthousw and end up in court. If i have to go to that extent, i am going to go for a monetary amount for all the stress they have put me through.

They have come and measured three times and still nothing has come of this.

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de76484e, 2010-04-27, 01:58PM CDT

In response to this (my) letter above...I am pleased to say after several attempts to order the right size sashes they (Landmark) came this AM and installed the right size...

Due to much miscommunication on my part and on their (Landmark) part...I had no idea that the ones with 3 panes of glass were manufactured in the United States. They ordered the right size but the manufacturer kept sending the wrong size or they would come damaged...

Landmark even came here 3 times to measure and make sure they had the right

measurements...but unfortunately the manufacturer would get it wrong.

It is very unfortunate that this has all caused bad feelings on both sides understandibly. The reason I had chose their windows was because I liked the look of them over any other companies. They are also a heavier weight vinyl.

I am very pleased with the young man who came today and installed the sashes...Hopefully we can put our past feelings aside and I can still recommend them to do their best as they our case...

Claudette Leach

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