Dish Network (echostar) - Dish Network lies AND steals!

Posted on Thursday, March 18th, 2010 at 4:12pm CDT by 84a7d957

Product: satellite TV

Company: Dish Network (echostar)

Location: US

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Dish Network is all about bait and switch, stealing your credit card number and using it unauthorized, promising to fix problems and then having the original problem pop up a couple months later ...causing you to waste your time to TRY to fix it again! I originally got Dish with a "Gold HD" package, "free activation" and a package that would "cost me $42.99/mo for the first six months" then "$77.95/mo for the remainer of the two-year contract." I verified with "Daniel," the salesman, THREE times by repeating my query that that was the price. Well, that didn't happen. They billed me a $50 activation fee ..and then they used my credit card number to sign me up for other services that had nothing to do with Dish network, repeatedly charging me $19 every month. I had to cancel the card to stop them from stealing from me. It didn't stop there: After a couple months, my $42.99 was up around $90 and then drifted above $100 per month. When I did the online chat and then called them, I wasted SEVERAL hours attempting to get them to abide by the contract. Their "excuse?" They aren't bound by any price they quoted ...but *I* am bound by a 2 year contract to pay them "whatever" they want me to pay. Homey don't play that! I made it a point to track down the corporate office in Colorado--their number is 720 514-8555--and wound up talking to a high-level but just as incompetent "corporate customer service person" by the name of Shelley Cruz (when you call the above number, enter her extension, 53482, after you get the answering system. Shelley promised the world, offering to "fix" the problem and did--for ONE month. Now, the bill is back up to $95.98 (remember, I am supposed to be paying $77.95) and, of course, she won't call back! Her voicemail says her schedule is from 3:30PM central to midnight so, you'll just have to get her when she's in, I guess. So, let's review: 1. Do NOT give Dish a credit card number unless you are willing to cancel it--to stop them from stealing from you! 2. Do NOT expect them to maintain the contract of what they agreed to! 3. Expect the price to change--read that "go up"--every month without reason. 4. Expect to waste as much time as they can get out of you to NOT solve their ripoff billing practices. 5. Even when you THINK the problem is solved, do NOT think the "solution" will last more than a month. 6. Expect to waste more time in the future--could it be EVERY month for the rest of eternity?. 7. Don't expect Dish to work when there is even the slightest amount of rainfall. 7a. Snow or freezing rain? You'll need to get on the roof and clean off the Dish (no TV until you do!). 8. Know that you will do what I am doing now ...writing about Dish Network Bait and Switch--and credit card fraud--online. 9. Good luck with these low life's!

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e5f1c98f, 2011-02-01, 08:06AM CST

Hi, this is Alicia Brink. I'm with DISH Network. I apologize there was so much confusion regarding your pricing. We make every effort to provide accurate and consistent information to our customers. There are some situations that may cause your bill to increase or change; expiration of promotions, price increases, additional receivers, additional features, additional programming. We have independent retailers that customers can elect to use, most of them will have an activation fee. This fee is not charged or by DISH Network and we do not receive that payment. When you sign up for DISH Network we require a card on file for the contract and equipment only, you can elect to sign up to have payments removed from your account, but this is by your request only. Some of our promotions require auto pay and this may have been why you set up. The card does have to be provided by the card holder. If you still have concerns about your bill or an increase you can email me at [email protected]

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