St. Vincents East - St. Vincents Death Doctors

Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 12:18am CDT by 03f3992b

Company: St. Vincents East

Location: 50 Medical Parks East Drive Birmingham, Alabama (AL)
Birmingham, Al, US

Category: Other

Seriously, anyone from the Birmingham area should never ever go to St. Vincents East unless you want neglectful nurses that only care about when they are going to get off the clock. My brother, Rest In Peace, was extremely sick with a possibly lethal pulmonary Syndrome known as ARDS. I'm aware only 40% or people survive this but still. A majority of the nurses in the MICU just ignored the fact that A) his medicine bags were running low, the machine was beeping at us and I know they could hear it. B) To be comfortable with a breathing tube he was in a drug induced coma, I went to check on him on time and he was wide awake mouthing for help. I have no idea how long he was like that and the nurse, didn't even care. Saying oh that's what the doctor said. No it wasn't. I asked the doctor. They were absolutely horrid. Medicare/Medicaid; stop using St. Vincents. You are killing people!


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