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Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 12:13am CDT by 10369ed6

Company: Walt Disney Company

Location: 500 S. Buena Vista St.
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I went to disney world for my honeymoon the dates I was there where 2/22/10-3/1/10 the first night I was there they did not have my room that I paid for so they put us in a handicapped room no offense to ADA but it was over looking the loading dock and at 3 am I knew they where getting there delivery because of the loud beeps of the truck backing up not only did they give me a room I didnt pay for the night manager was rued to us about us wanting what we paid for and her response was that Disney World is for Familys not for Honeymoons.So after getting this room I was on the phone with guest services for over 3 hours trying to get it corrected great way to start off your honeymoon so they did have a manager they could help call me the next day while I was at epcot center and he was able to upgrade our room from the french quater to saratoga springs in a suite over looking the lake and downtown disney so I wante to make sure to let disney know what a great manager so I plained to send a eamil wnt I got home so on our last full day we had 2 days left on our park hopper and we wanted to try to use them in californa so I went to guest services and asked if this was possiable and the guest service guy was quick to tell me NO they are not and then asked me why I bought as many days that I did if I was going to be staying there that long and I explaind that disney locks you into buying so many days for any type of promotion they have so he was like that is life. So I get home on 3/1/10 and send my email to the guest services email to make sure that they knew that they had a great manager and ask why I cant transfer the ticket from Disney World to Disneyland. 3 days go by and I get a call from Dianey world guest services and tells me the she was sorry for the bad first night but she thinks he manager did a good enough job for making up for the inconvenince and that the tickets are non trasferable so I tell here what poor service I did have the first night and she did not care anymore do to I was already home and that they gave me a comp. A few days later I find out from a friend that you can transfer tickets from Disney World to Disnayland so I call Disneyland in Ca. to verify this and they did tell yes you could as long as it was a full price ticket and had at least 2 days of park hopper on it and they will exchange it for a 1 day park hopper so I resend a email to the guest serivce dept. and to the CEO to file a formal complaint about the manager giving me bad info and they had the same manager call me back after reading my complaint about her so she was very rude to deal with at this time and was standing firm that the tickets are non transferable and the info the people in californa are giving me incorrect information so I asked her who do I believe because not only is your guest services in california telling me that you could but its on a web site called mousesavers.com and they have it listed there and even say that most employees dont even know about it. And this manager didnt even offer to look into to she stood firm with her NO. So I call the main office again and they suggest I call the guest service people in california so I did and they tried to help me but they said they have nothing to do with florida and transferd me to the manager that called me supervisor and she was just as rude as the first person I delt with and she said whe would lok into this and get back to me well she never did call me back today like she said and still could not get the correct info and this is supposed to be the place that has all the info for this. So I hang up with her and called california back again and talked to the same guest service rep that helped me the first time she got more of my story and tried to help and said she would call me back with some more help and she never called me back. So I now have had to call the main office again to find out to get the correct information and am still getting the run around. I never seen a company that will take your money from you 24/7 but makes it impossiable to get cusotmer service. So come to find out I could of used the remander of my days at disnyland Californai and was unable to because of there guest service dept not having the correct information and I spent a lot of maonty to go there in the first place and this is how they treat a loyal paying customer


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Fett F., 2012-08-19, 01:48PM CDT

Jesus christ, woman. Run-on sentence much?

Robert Allyn L., 2012-08-20, 02:45PM CDT

Fett F: Where do you get off, or should I say please get off your apple box and try not to be jerk, it will be difficult, but you too can be a decent person in as little as one life time.

Fett F., 2012-08-20, 05:25PM CDT

Robert Allyn L.

Jesus christ, man. Run-on sentence much?

Here's a little heads-up for you: If you are going to lodge a complaint, make sure it is legible. If it's an incoherent, unreadable mess, people are not likely to take your complaint seriously.


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