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Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 6:03am CDT by 36b8ae3d

Product: How to Get Financial Freedom

Company: MSI Course

Location: 5252 Edgewood Drive
Provo, Ut, 84606, US


Category: Other

Around Feb 11,2010 I received a sales letter to my email inbox about how to increase our income and get financial freedom. They also offer a discout price from $49 to only $10, so i got interested to join in. Then i join and pay for $10 via credit card.

There is no problem in accessing my member area. But i got surprised after calling my credit card issuer telling me that the charge is not $10, but $49 actually. I try to learn more what is going wrong here. Then i login to my member area and found that i need to fill & send a rebate form to get my rebate (~$39). It said that i have to send the form within the first 30 days since i paid. I never get this information (or i miss it?) on the sales letter.

On March 1,2010 i send the form back to them. Then the response like this:

"Please call 800-743-8533 so we can help you. Our hours of operation are 9 am to 6 pm mountain standard time. Thank you"

About 2-3 days later, i contact them and received by someone with name: Andrea.

Since i have bad english and can not commnicate well, then i ask her how if i send my question via email. She aggree and we hang up the phone. Then i send to their email address:

Greg Wilber <[email protected]> asking my rebate form to be processed and telling them i have contact them by phone.

No one responsed.

On March 11 i re-send the email. Still, no response!

On March 12 again i re-send the email. No any reponse!

On March 16 for the third times. NO any SINGLE response!

I think MSI Course is a SCAM and need to be investigated!

They are scamming payment:

1. They said they give a full refund with no question asked, but after i'm asking for a refund, they said (on the member area, not on the sales page) that i need to prove that i can not making money with their system.

2. They said they give a promotional price and appearing $10 on the shopping cart, but my credit card was charged of $49. Once again, the information about how to get rebate is on the member area, not on the sales page, which is i have to fill out and send a rebate form to them.

3. Even i sent the rebate form already, still they asking me to contact them by phone, which is there is no term described regarding that i should contact them if i want my rebate to be processed on their term on member area. Even i don't contact them, they should give my rebate back!

4. I follow them and give them a call, and since we can not communicate well, then we agree to continue communicate via email. I email them 3 times, NO ANY RESPONSE!

MSI Course is a scam. I just want my rebate to be processed and get back my $39. I don't have any idea why the doing this dirty business, offering people to join in with cheap price of $10, but actually charge them for $49!

Hope my complaint can be processed and get response asap. Thank you.


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