First National Bank of Omaha - Harrassing phone calls and jacking APR to 29.9 on customers who have never been late and pay way above minumum payment

Posted on Tuesday, March 16th, 2010 at 10:21am CDT by 7bb80ff0

Product: Credit Card Services

Company: First National Bank of Omaha

Location: PO Box 2557
Omaha, NE, 68103-2557, US


Category: Other

Started receiving Harassing phone calls about 6 months ago when I was getting close, a few hundred dollars, to my credit limit (never over the limit) asking me to call them and use reference # so and so. I have never been late on this account since opening appox 2 years ago, never overlimit and have made double payments not minimum payments. Called Company twice complaining about the phone calls when I have never been late and pay way over the minumum and use convenient online payment. They apologised and reported to me each time that I called that they would remove me from the call list because I should not be receiving these calls. However, I continued to receive these phones calls starting 10 days before mimimum payment is due which continued at least 2-3 times a week until my payment posted. I called today to complain again about the harassing phone calls being made to customers who are in good standing and to inquire about APR (since I'm paying down or off some of my credit cards and I will only be keeping credit card companies who reward their loyal and good paying customers by not hiking up APR because others fail to pay their debt}. I was told APR was increased to 29.9 from 19.9 and it was in my Dec 2009 statement. I asked them why this important notice was not sent separately from my monthly statement since I pay all my bills online and rarely look at my statements. Their snobbish, lack of customer skills rep's response was there was nothing they could do about it. The rep further stated that I had 45 days from my Dec 2009 statement to close the account before the APR hike took effect. When I asked for a supervisor the rep reported to me that it would make no difference if I talked to someone else or not that it could not be changed. The rep further stated I was notified in my statement and did not respond within the 45 day deadline to close account with current APR before the hike took effect. Is this Customer Satisfaction toward customers who are in good standing?????????????????????

What's really mind Boggling and disturbing to me as a current "good standing customer" is when you log onto First National's site they are advertising to bring in new customers, a 7.99 APR with no annual fee for their credit card.

As of today I have requested my account closed which the supervisor reported to me it was closed per my request (by the way, the rep was right, talking to anyone else would do no good). I refuse to pay 29.99 APR (being consequenced)for being a "customer in good standing" I feel I should be rewarded (like the new customers are being rewarded with a low 7.99 APR to come with First National), for my dedicated patronage. I will not continue to use First National services when they have total disrespect for their Customers, lack of professionlism in notifying their customers of changes in terms of agreements and not practicing what they preach according to their motto "With the strength and stability that comes from being a 150-year old bank, you'll have peace of mind knowing that we'll be here for you today and for years to come".

Well First National Bank of Omaha, when the going gets tough, you, First National Bank of Omaha, take the cake! You consequence your dedicated customers by hiking their APR and trick (APR of 7.99 for new customers)new customers of First National Bank into thinking that First National Bank of Omaha will be there for them, just like I thought First National Bank of Omaha would be there for me (customer in good standing) because I, as their customer, believed that one good turn deserves another. Hogwash!!!!!!!!!

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284618c9, 2011-01-01, 03:27PM CST

The same thing happened to me. I was a customer in good standing, but these crooks told me my rate would increase to 29.99% 'due to the economic environment'. The wanted to do this before the new credit card regulations were to take place. Crooks. I also closed my account.

It pisses me off that they can do this without retribution. Scumbags.

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