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Posted on Monday, March 15th, 2010 at 8:18am CDT by d9872a95

Product: TD Bank

Company: TD Bank

Location: 1701 Route 70 East
Cherry Hill, Ne, 08034, US


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My girlfriend had an account at TD Bank and put 300 dollars on her card. On 3 different occasions, she tried using it and it wouldn't go through. The first time, she called them up and their explanation was that it only works at certain locations, which is bull, because it should work anywhere. So, finally, the third time, 3/12/2010, she tried using it, and nothing! She got on the phone, screamed and withdrew her business from the bank. They called back a little later, and it turns out that all this was because they misspelled her last name!

I had to use my card, and if I wasn't there, she wouldn't have had any money, and it's all TD Bank's fault! They're unprofessional, and I'm going to forbid anyone I know from using them.

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Anonymous, 2010-11-04, 02:17PM CDT

I do business with many banks in the Cherry Hill//Philadelphia area. I can only echo the word "unprofessional" as related to TD Bank.

My branch is located in Cherry Hill (Kings Highway) and most of the time after making a deposit at the Teller window, they say nothing or "there you go", which I guess is TD bank speak for "thank you".

On Friday evenings the teller area (staffed by 20 somethings usually) looks more like a bathroom at a club with the tellers slouching, chatting among themselves (or to a buddy in line at the counter) while barely acknowledging the customer.

The few times I've needed help the bottom line is how can we NOT assist you.The so-called Managers come close to hostility.

OH..they pay a non-competitive interest rate too for most accounts.

If you can avoid TD do so (or maybe I'll move closer to another Bank).

The only reason I continue at TD at all is (I hate to say this) they are right down the street from me but I try to do most of my banking elsewhere.

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