Soccer Stop

Posted on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 at 10:50am CST by 20f3fc29

Product: Soccer Goalie Glove, Manufactured by Reusch

Company: Soccer Stop

Location: 140 E. Boardwalk Drive, Unit M
Fort Collins, CO, 80525, US


Category: Other

On March 9th I purchased a Soccer Goalie glove for $60. At the time of the purchase i asked for guidance as to which glove would be the best for indoor soccer league and was given little information other than where they were located in the store. I used the glove for one game the following day. I followed the manufacturers directions to moisten the foam prior to usage. at the end of the game with normal usage I noticed that the foam had torn away from the inner palm of the glove. On March 11 I returned to the store to request an exchange based upon the obvious defect in workmen ship. The staff person was very rude and indicated that no exchanges could be made without the glove being sent to the company and a determination be made by them that the product was defective. Upon my complaint that the store policy say nothing about that the person indicated that I could leave the glove and the owner would then contact me with a determination. On march 12th I received a voicemail message on my phone by Dennis Diaz, Owner that the glove was not defective and he was not going to anything else and that if I wanted the gloves back I could pick them up. I attempted to contact Dennis back to speak with him further but I only got his voicemail.


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