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Posted on Saturday, March 13th, 2010 at 9:47am CST by 9c4ae8fe

Product: Personnel Service

Company: Smith Personnel Service

Location: 13740 Midway Road Suite 600
DALLAS, TX, 75244, US


Category: Job, Career

I sent Smith Personnel Solutions a resume for a job posting that was on CareerBuilder.

The next day I received a phone call from a recruiter. I was out of town most of that day, so I was not able to return the call until the evening. I called that evening and their phone just rang and rang. I tried again the next day 6 times and there was no answer. At this point I assumed this was possibly a bogus internet posting.

Well on the third day, I received a call and voicemail again from this company. I returned the call and spoke with the recruiter. She said that she was in an interview and would call me back in twenty minutes. She asked what number to call and I told her what would work best.

Two hours later, she called me back. She informed me about a job that was of utmost importance that I come in that day and interview with her and that the employer was going to interview and hire for a commission only position on the following business day. Note; in my experience as a manager and an employee this is typically a ploy to pressure you into doing something that you really don??t want to be involved with at all. Aka car salesman technique

This person has a very difficult time listening and even worse, communicating what she is offering for employment. She is in such a dither to accomplish her job, there is no focus. She sent me via email, some information that needed filling out and said to email her back the information which I did. She then asked for me to come in for the initial interview. She stated that I was supposed to call her back after my initial conversation when she was in the interview. After getting off of the phone I mentioned this to my wife and my wife said that she heard me tell her that she could call me back at the appropriate number. Obviously this person lied about this... strike one.

After getting off of the phone, I felt this was not a position for me do to the ambivalence of the interview. I decided to give it a couple of hours to see if I would change my mind and it made me feel even more uneasy with doing business with such an unprofessional business. I tried to call again to cancel and there was no answer. Imagine that?.

I sent an email stating that I was not going to be able to make the meeting and thanked her for her time.

I received an email back, saying she had told me to call her if I could not make the meeting which she did not. Two lies?.strike two. She also said that she told me she had to reschedule her day to meet with me that afternoon which she did not. She lied again?.Strike three, you out!!!

If you go with this firm, beware, you will probably not get what you are looking for in your search for employment.


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