NY Maids

Posted on Wednesday, March 10th, 2010 at 9:29am CST by 49ee5338

Product: cleaning services

Company: NY Maids

Location: 305 madison avenue
ny, ny, 10017, US

URL: http://www.nymaids.com/

Category: Other

horrible service and customer service. the company charged my credit card for no reason at all. they charged $272.18 in addition to the agreed price that i paid. they used the CC without authorization and did not even considered my complaints.

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068c4f64, 2010-03-10, 11:25AM CST

This Customer was responsible to pay for a Tenant's apt that had been affected by post renovation dust.

Customer was advised to order post renovation cleaning but declined to save money and placed a much cheaper order that was inappropriate. As warned, the Workers did the best they could but it was not enough.

Our company offered to send someone to finish job for an extremely lowered rate to help Customer stay within budget but Tenant refused him at the door because Tenant wanted a whole team cleaning again.

A whole post renovation team was sent again with equipment to do a post renovation cleaning at half price.

Even though it was not our company's fault, we graciously gave customer a huge discount.In addition to that, Workers overstayed to make sure job was excellent. Tenant was very happy ultimately with results.

Customer tried to save money inappropriately, lied to Tenant to avoid being liable for the inconveniences his bargaining caused to Tenant.

We were extremely gracious at every moment and have documented evidence and recordings that we not only considered his complaint, but devoted a lot of time to this case, we have been treated with utter hostility whilst remaining calm and courteous as our voice files can prove and the charges were authorized.

In sum, Customer is unhappy because he tried to get a big job for small pay and it backfired. For those of you reading this, keep in mind that unlike the complainant, we have documentation and recordings to avoid being slandered or libeled. Unfortunately, business has to protect its reputation with this much caution these days.

We are formally requesting Mr. M. of S.H. Mgmt that you please cease and desist the slander and libel because even though we are free to post our opinions, they must be true. Slander and libel are illegal.

We have been in business for many years and serve thousands of happy Customers so our service still maintains a great Customer satisfaction percentage ratio, but like every other company, we can't make absolutely everybody happy.

We are a bit saddened because in this case we actually expected a thank you and an apology for being subjected to Mr. M's errors and misdirected anger.

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