Swatch Do Not Honor Warranty

Posted on Monday, March 1st, 2010 at 2:32am CST by 14aeb7b7

Product: Swatch

Company: Not Available

Location: IL

Category: Other

I bought a Swatch for my wife.

Problem #1: The band broke after about a month. Upon searching the Internet, I was surprised to find that Swatch is well known for providing flimsy bands on many of their watches and of course they don't cover the band in their warranty. I paid for a new band.

Problem #2: The watch lets water in if it gets wet at all. I returned it for repair since it was still under warranty. After a month, they returned the watch, saying it was my fault for scratching the glass. (There is a tiny almost invisible scratch on the glass AND by the way the watch claims to be "water-resistant 30 meters" and "scratch-resistant")

Problem #3: I took the watch to a repairman. He told me that Swatches cannot be repaired because they are glued shut. He also told me that was why my watch was leaking because this is a poor way to water-proof a watch.

In short, Swatch makes pretty watches but they are flimsy and disposable and your typical 2 dollar watch will probably last you longer. If you think the extra money buys you good service, think again. SWATCH does not honor their warranty.


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