Microsoft Bing - Bing Cash Back refuses to pay legitimate rebate

Posted on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 at 6:37pm CDT by f048b015

Product: Bing Cash Back

Company: Microsoft Bing

Location: 1 Microsoft Way
Redmond, WA, US


Category: Other

I realize Bing is ending it's cashback program soon, but most likely it's because of things like this that are the cause. I have used Bing Cash Back since it's inception and, while most transactions go through, all too often, they fail to credit you properly. This is what happened to me again this past weekend. Not once, but on TWO separate transactions, one at Kohls and one at Bing failed to properly credit my account. What is even MORE infuriating is that, after repeatedly asking me for the same information and proof over and over, they are falsely disclaiming my rebates. 3 days and many e-mails later, and all I get are useless canned excuses.


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