Burger King store # BK06842 - BAD service at Burger King

Posted on Wednesday, June 9th, 2010 at 11:39am CDT by ed8ce398

Company: Burger King store # BK06842

Location: 1503 Woodlawn Rd
Lincoln, IL, US

Category: Other

My Fiance' and I decided to dine-in at your restuarant in Lincoln, IL on June 8th, 2010. When we arrived and went inside, the girl I assumed to be the manager on duty was on her cell phone behind the counter, while we waited for her to get off the phone, hearing her say hold on I have to train the new girl how to take an order. Then she took my fiance's order and asked if that was all for us. I said no and then I ordered. We received our food about 5 to 7 minutes later. I ordered the tendergrill chicken value meal, which looked like blackened chicken because it was overcooked and my fries were cold and tasted like they had been sitting there for a while. My fiance' ordered a double stacker value meal with onion rings and then a orginal chicken samdwich. His double stacker was still pink in some places and it grossed him out so he didn't eat it, his onion rings tasted like rubber and he said his chicken sandwich wasn't any better. I also notice in the dining room a few of the tables still had garbage on them. My fiance' and I were the only ones dining in at the time. They could have cleaned up the dining room. And while we were eating the manager on duty's boyfriend came in and hung out at the front counter. We didn't even finish our food and left. I will NOT be returning to this establishment anytime soon if ever. And I urge anyone else who doesn't want bad service to stay away from there too!! Thanks, Elizabeth


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