Home Match Rentals - Home Match Rentals is a Fraud

Posted on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at 5:32pm CDT by dc5b1a10

Product: Apartment Rentals

Company: Home Match Rentals

Location: 2943, Mackenzie Drive
Maple, On, L6A 0A2, CA

Category: Other

Home Match Rentals took a deposit of $ 200 from me under the pretext that they had apartments in my budget for immediate possession. The next day i was given 5 phone numbers. I was asked to call these numbers and go take a look at the apartments. I was also told i could move in immediately (Which was the requirement). On calling the numbers, i was surprised to know that none of those people had apartments for immediate lease. The minimum was 2 after 2 months.

As per the contract Home Match Rentals was to refund my money if they could not find me a place within 15 days. When i asked them for the money, they sent me a refund form, which i filled and sent by registered post on the 19th May. It was delivered on the 21st may. Since then, i have been chasing up with them. They keep making all sorts of excuses and ask for details they never gave me. I feel completely cheated. KINDLY DO NOT PAY HOME MATCH RENTALS OR ANY OTHER RENTAL COMPANY ANY DEPOSIT OF THIS NATURE.


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d2cd4235, 2010-06-23, 08:52AM CDT

Wish I had read this before I went to "Home Match Rentals" @ www.rentmore.ca, Kim, 416-240-8500. I too was scammed. The first address I was given was 1000 Gerrad, Toronto which was on the other side of Toronto. This was address for Home Depot. The other addresses didn't have rooms for rent.

When I asked for refund, I too received refund form. Will call again for refund but expect no refund.

d4ab2b5d, 2010-07-31, 05:16PM CDT

I wish I had read this too also!!

PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSSINES WITH THEM!!! home match rentals is a Fraud!!! I have already filed a Claim with BBB...

I went with my wife to the Registration Office located "near" 1923 Weston Road, Toronto, Canada (this is the address they give in their web site, but is not the exact one, now I know why...). I talked to a person called Dave Williams about what we needed and it was clear we wanted a bachelor apartment in the North York area. He told us that we had to give him an advance fee for the service of $100 CAD (he asked $200 first but I bargained, and thanks god I did!). When I asked him what was the money for, he replied that it was an advance payment for the rent but if they could not find the rental unit we were looking for the company would refund the service charge in full.

He said he would call us to give us phone numbers of the different bachelor apartments. He called the next Monday and gave us 3 phone numbers and was from people renting rooms in their house, not bachelor apartments as agreed. Besides, the area was not even near North York.

It was very difficult communicating with Home Match Rentals as they never pick up the phone (416-240-8500) when I finally talk to them a couple of days later, I told them I was very unsatisfied with their service and I wanted my money back.

They said they were going to send a refund cheque by mail and it would take a week. After a week I called them and asked about my refund, they asked me if I had filled out the refund form. I told him I did not know anything about a refund form. He said he was going to mail a refund form that I needed to fill and send back to them.

A couple of days later, I received the refund form, I filled it out and sent it by email the next day, together with a copy of the receipt, the copy of the contract agreement and also the 3 useless phone numbers they provided us (as requested in the refund form).

One month later, as I did not get any response, I wrote an email asking them about my refund. They replied back: please be patient your refund is still process thanks.

I waited a week and I sent them another email telling them that I had sent the requirements more than a month ago and that I wanted to know when I was going to receive my money. They replied back: let me review your file now thanks

As there was no update, one more week later I sent them another email asking why they took so long to review my file and they replied: thanks I will be responding soon thanks

At this point I looked up in the internet and I found it is not the first time they do this, as there are complains posted in different blogs and web sites like the Better Business Bureau site among others about Home Match Rental Company. All of them very similar to my case. I decided I needed to go to the registration office to face them personally. The office was closed and I also found out the address is not exactly as the one they have in their web site and that is probably the reason why when I found the company name in the BBB database there are two results, one with the message ***MAIL RETURNED*** .

I wrote an email telling them I had no way to contact them because they never pick up the phone, I told them I had gone to their office. I let them know I was going to inform the authorities as this was a irresponsible behavior and a lack of respect for the public. And they replied: our office is only open by appointments only ... you cannot get refund from registration office ..I am advising you to be patient and we will be happy to reply your refund status soon thanks again

I wrote them back saying that I needed the date but nothing happened. After another week I wrote them I was going to complain to BBB and Small Claim Court and even go to the Police if necessary.

Bottom line: Is been more than 2 month and nothing (no refund) Dave Williams won't to face his responsibilities!!... PLEASE DO NOT DO BUSSINES WITH THEM!!!

2dde8de7, 2010-09-18, 01:11PM CDT

thank you guys you saved me the $200 ...this company is definitely a FRAUD do not give them any money ...they should be thrown in jail for life and all their property seized...

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