Dell - Dell Inspiron 1721 - multiple problems

Posted on Tuesday, June 8th, 2010 at 7:56am CDT by f129d220

Product: Dell Inspiron 1721 - multiple problems

Company: Dell

Location: US


Category: Other

I have had nothing but trouble with my 2+ year laptop from Dell. My hard drive just crashed for the second time, not from any virus, but physically broke. have had to replace the keyboard twice, due to keys stopping working. I think it may be a third time before long. My wireless card has not worked propery for 2 years. I usually have to restart my computer 5+ times before it will hopefully start working. The next time I shut it down, the same thing will happen. They are currently sending me another new hard drive, as they believe this will solve the problem. I have had to reformat the hard drive 6 times since I've gotten it, due to configuration and update problems. I use my computer daily for business and I can't lose days due to reinstalling my software and data.It is ridiculus!! I don't have anything good to say about the laptop. I have a 3 year warranty that I bought. I would have rather had a Toshiba with a 1 year warranty that I knew would always work. DONT BUY A DELL, NO MATTER WHAT DEAL THEY TRY TO DO. BEWARE.


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