Wollemi Pine North America - Possibly a scam

Posted on Sunday, June 6th, 2010 at 9:07pm CDT by 4c310de6

Product: Wollemi Pine Tree

Company: Wollemi Pine North America

Location: Wollemi Pine North America 1782 Titus Street
San Diego, Ca, 92110, US

URL: http://www.ancientpine.com

Category: Other

I have tried to get in touch for the last month to no avail. They have charged my CC a long time ago. They gave me a confirmation # that gives me access to information for the tree I have ordered. It is been claimed that the tree has been shipped since 5/7/10. They do claim that the tree should arrived in 2 weeks (for North America) after order (placed in April). Thinking that there might have been some trouble in the shipping, I sent 4 emails and called twice, as I said above, to no avail. I never get any feedback. As the money involved in relatively important (more than $150), I must say that I am getting a bit worried. I checked online and I found another complaint (pretty much the same as mine in content). I am sincerely afraid that it could be a scam. The worst is that it is a sponsored link on Google. I am really wondering what the matter is.

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4c310de6, 2010-07-02, 11:22AM CDT


Keep complaining wherever you can (FCC, Credit Card company). Do not let that go by the way side! That is all I can advise you to do.


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