Dave and Buster's - Misleading Information / Poor Customer Service

Posted on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at 1:09pm CDT by 7f5a693c

Product: Dinner wait list

Company: Dave and Buster's

Location: 1174 Roseville Parkway

URL: http://www.daveandbusters.com/locations/default.aspx

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Arrived at Restaurant at 7:00 pm and placed our names on the waiting list for a dinner table. At this time we were told the wait would be approximately 35-45 minutes and were given a pager to tell us when our table became available.

After waiting 45 minutes, we went back to check on the remaining wait time and were told that it would be in excess of another hour (at that time we were told the waiting times for people just arriving were about 2 hours). When I questioned this, and told them we were told 35-45 minutes when we arrived 45 minutes ago, we were told that the hostess "should not have told you that--We are not supposed to give anything other than an approximate wait time and currently, that would be two hours".

We indicated that we would not have stayed and waited if we had been told it would be a two hour wait when we arrived and that the misleading information we received led us to wait unreasonably. The person that we made this complaint to was not at all contrite and seemed to think that since the hostess that "erroneously" told us 45 minutes making an error should be explanation enough for our wasted time...

I am NOT complaining about the fact that there seemed to be a two hour wait for a table at this establishment, I AM complaining that the people "greeting" customers didn't show ANY consideration or a willingness to make amends for an error that the business clearly made.

Further, if the business has a policy of NOT telling customers anything other than a vague estimate (that could be wrong), I think other consumers should know this before they encounter the problem themselves.

Thank you for listening...


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