Comcast - Comcast is atrocious

Posted on Saturday, June 5th, 2010 at 8:42am CDT by e36d1c96

Company: Comcast

Location: Houston, TX, 77057, US


Category: Other

They set an appt, moved it 4 days later and won't move it back despite the record showing I called in to set the appt last week. After 5 calls and one online chat, they're still blaming me. My call record shows, according to the CSR rep, that I made an appt last week but it didn't get entered until Friday. Not my fault and they won;'t move the appt.

I've sent them email requesting the GM call me directly but that's laughable. They don't care about customer... that's evident.

I'm starting a new job and cannot miss any work.

There's a much longer, detailed version of this but this will suffice.


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