MC Donalds

Posted on Friday, June 4th, 2010 at 7:45am CDT by 8a6add4b

Product: Free Glasses with Meals containing Cadmium

Company: Not Available

Location: PK

Category: Restaurants, Bars

Hi All !

Keep in view that Mc Donalds in Pakistan are giving away Free glasses and spending a lot on advertisements like "Collect all Coke glasses" etc on newspapers and other media.

All of them contain a very toxic chemical "cadmium" and all of these glasses are being distributed in developing countries where law and order for such toxic products is least applicable.

It is advised to break the glass because such glasses which are banned all over the world are being sold in Pakistan and cause deformity in kids.

Mc donalds is pathetic,

no wonder what they serve as food contains what chemicals


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