- Console Repairs Abbey Street DODGE LIKE HELL

Posted on Friday, June 4th, 2010 at 1:06pm CDT by 0027ae1e


Location: IE

Category: Other (they have changed their name to Console Repairs Abbey Street) -Dodgy site advertising Xbox 360,Nintendo DS/wii ,PS3 ,Playstation repairs, Dublin,Ireland.

Note: I brought it to this place becaused it was the only place that was offering this service in my area.

I took my xbox 360 here last year for repair, cause the disc drawer would not open, they told me the min charge was 80 Euro and they would send the 360 away and it would be back the next week.

Got a phone call two weeks laters to inform me it was repaired and the charge was 80 Euro.

When i got the 360 home the drawer still would not open (which was the origianal fault) ,there was a noise coming from the unit that was not there prior to the repair and the red light on the front of the unit was flashing.

My 360 became totally knackered as a result of their "repairs", which it certainly was not beforehand!

I contacted them immediately with my concerns!

They said that their "technicians" ok'd it before sending it back to me, so apparantly it was my fault that it was not working now!

They said that they would send it away again, to be further tested.

On top of this, they required me to pay an extra 25 euro service charge? even though still under their warranty for repair!

Fast forward a month later!

THIS IS THE END RESULT : Gsmsolutions give me a report saying that unfortunately the machine was uneconmical to repair, as a result of "general hardware failure"

END RESULT FOR ME: My Xbox 360 was KAPUTT!,and they felt it was neccessary to keep the service charge ! TOTAL UTTER DISGRACE !

Never dealt with such deceitful, devious ,pond scum in my entire lifetime !

BE VIGILANT with so called repair shops !


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