Toshiba - Toshiba rips off US Soldier

Posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 12:56pm CDT by cfc9d04d

Product: toshiba satiellite p-500

Company: Toshiba

Location: 9740 Irvine Boulevard P.O. Box 19724
Irvine, CA, 92713-9724, US


Category: Other

I ordered a custom Toshiba computer who stated that it would be delivered in time for my upcoming trip. It was getting close to my departure so I called and canceled the order and I was gone they shipped it and my wife signed for it. When I returned she told me some came in the mail and I found it was the computer. I called and wanted to return it and they said no. I attempted to load some programs now that I was stuck with it and it would not work so I got a buddy who is good with computer which I am not. He stated that they may have put the wrong OS on it. I called Toshiba and the Tech support confirmed I only had windows 7 premium install and not 7 Ultimate like I ordered and paid for. They stated that it should be an easy fix. Well after several phones calls they stated that I did not inform them within fifteen days so they would not help me. I explained to them I am a U.S. Army Soldier and I do not have much time outside of work and I was gone when the computer arrived, which should not have because I canceled. I called as soon as I knew there was a problem. The still would not correct their error. I contacted Toshiba USA corp who looked in to it and after approx 2 weeks called and stated they could not get Toshiba direct to change their minds, but stated they tried very hard to do so. I cannot believe this. I paid for it, they know they did not give me it and refuse to help me. Being in the Military I have been through many hard times and have been instilled with honor, loyalty, and commitment which now I know Toshiba has none of. they shipped me something they should not have and it was not complete and they will do nothing about it.


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