Posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 4:02pm CDT by 2a61262a

Company: New USA

Location: US

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this shit is crappy as hell. you pay 29.95 for the membership or for them to receive your application promising that you'll get your money back if you don't qualify or if you get rejected. I've been waiting for weeks to get a reply from them about my application and they haven't even sent me any kind of a letter yet!! true that the website has resources you could refer to for funding but you could simply google everything on that site. don't ever fall for this shit. i got scammed super bad. if anyone asks you for money for any kind of grant or scholarship thing do not fall for it because they just want your money!!!


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b58e7001, 2010-07-09, 12:34PM CDT

It takes a low person to take away from a family that is getting kicked out of their home and a broken vehicle which makes it hard to get employment. I was desperate to keep my family off the streets and some snail scum comes along with empty promises to help us and takes what little amount of money I had and scammed me. That's ok because what comes around goes around and this company will get theirs. New USA Funding is not worth the stress.

4a5be1b0, 2010-07-09, 05:12PM CDT

Well, I didn't end up paying the 29.95 because they didn't even mention that there was a fee until AFTER I gave them all of my personal information. I was outraged!! That right there told me not to trust them. I am sorry they got your money. All's we are trying to do here is make it through school-not be scammed out of money that we DONT have!

14eb0f3b, 2010-07-13, 09:43AM CDT

Are completely stupid???? its a grant application SERVICE!!!! that wasnt an application you were filling out! you actually have to go on and apply now. this is what i hate! finally something comes around that actually helps people and morons like this give it a bad name because they dont know what they bought!

b57dc5ae, 2010-07-17, 02:13PM CDT

The day after I paid for this "service" someone tried to use my debit card for a large purchase out of state. Luckily my bank saw it as suspicious activity and froze the card. So, not only are they ripping people off with this scam, but they are stealing card numbers and wiping out bank accounts. THIS IS FRAUD!

0d7ede36, 2010-09-15, 11:09AM CDT

I am another one that came across their website and like another consumer filled out the info requested because they don't mention a fee being involved until you do. Then when you go to submit that is when you read that there is this fee you must pay. Well, when I saw that I just closed out of the site. This was just yesterday, and today I have received an email advising that they will cut the "initial" service fees for their program and tha this offer is not being offered to everyone. I'm sure that if you close out of their website before you complete it, you will get this "special offer" for a reduced fee. Since they refer to it as their "initial" fee does that mean there are more fees to follow? I guess I've found another website that I am reluctant to trust.

d4d45ef1, 2010-12-09, 05:01PM CST

Stupid!! That "application" wasn't a grant application. That was for a profile they set up for you so that they know what you're looking for! They are a grant application SERVICE. They don't do the work for you... They provide you with access to applications! They are NOT the actual grantors. And they DO refund your money to have to provide them with the details of that grant that you applied for. And I'm sick of people saying they didn't know there was a fee until they finished the profile app... Read the the home page. It clearly states there is a fee and a gaurantee.

d4d45ef1, 2010-12-10, 10:57AM CST

You're so dumb. You can clearly see on the home page that there is a fee. You simply chose not to take the time to read it all the way through. This is a great company. They can't gaurantee you a grant because that is illegal and they don't want to misguide you. They are a grant application SERVICE!! They provide you with the applications and teach you HOW to apply for them. I highly recommend them!!!

ab8e2e47, 2010-12-13, 04:48PM CST

I signed up only to find out that what they are selling is totally different than what you get! I called within minutes of accessing my account only to be told that because I accessed my account I can not get a refund. Their claims of services are fraudulent and their customer service representatives are rude. DO NOT SIGN UP FOR THIS!!!

539b4902, 2010-12-13, 07:32PM CST

ok well is you had accutally read the website at all before your dumb ass paid for it you would know that you have to go into the website and APPLY for the grants you could have possibly gotten something

808d5981, 2011-03-06, 09:27PM CST

I paid $29.95 and was directed to a website, was introduced to a coach for $38.50.Which I did not pay.

73f6263c, 2011-03-08, 01:58PM CST

i just signed up for this yesterday evening(3-7-11). when i tried to log on it kept telling me that i had to pay the fee...and i already paid the fee when i was on the phone with the people. i don't know what in the world these people are up to but i promise if they scam me they will be taken to court. this is bullshit. i can't believe people are scamming. there is people who is barely surviving and yet they still dont care as long as they get the money. well i need money and if they don't come through we will have a battle some way some how.

29fdc6fc, 2011-04-23, 01:14PM CDT

my name isbridgewt mccoy and yes it seems as they got my ass to an theirs not a damn thing we can do about it ,our goverment is going to hell with all the prices they rised on gas its like their fucking us in the ass and injoying it cause they dont have todo hard work and get payed as less as we do ......just saying we all need to get ogather and stop all work for one day and see as every thing goes back as it was ,it takes smarts ,as that said we got fucked............

e7cf1254, 2011-09-22, 04:06PM CDT

A "sister" site - looks A LOT like this one.

I heard of GRANTABILITY during a conversation with a person named Steven McDaniel who I was referred to by Mark Stroll. Stroll got information about my business when the info was entered on the New USA Funding web site. O

ne more name to drop Rachell Francis. She was represented as a "licensed grant writer." We were instructed to send her a cashiers check for $480 to 3131 McKinney Ave, Suite 600 Dallas TX.

29a874e2, 2011-10-16, 01:57AM CDT

I got a call from new usa which sound very familiar to this. I recently opened up a small restaurant and have browsed around web looking for access to loans or grants for business start ups which involves giving out some basic information of what you're looking money for. So they told me that my info was previewed & flagged as eligible for minority grants as I am a minority women business owner. The only thing was I had to pay a one time fee of $1.95 to get access to their website & for them to create a user id & password for me to go into it under the link on website for "members only". So I did, after a long time of being very skeptical. I now feel I regret not going with my gut feeling & just hanging up on these people. I have since been charged the $1.25 & received email from them confirming this, tried calling back & have not been able to get ahold of anybody at all. My only idea @ this point is calling up my credit card company & filing this charge with them as fraud & see if they can simply block any & all charges wanting to clear thru from this company so called "" because now it really feels like it was all a scam after all. They even have their hours of operation listed Monday thru Sunday 24 hours a day, but above their listing of hours they state "our hours of operation are listed in Easter Standard Time" which makes no sense at all. If they are operating 24 hrs a day it doesn't matter what time zone you're in, so needless to say rthis was the last straw that lead me to believe I had just been scammed out of $1.95 & after 30 days for $19.95 thereafter something which they didn't mention at all during their conversation, I found it in print at the very bottom of the email I received. And if I want to get refunded I have to provide them with name of grant I applied for & got rejected for...the ultimate question here is how can I possibly get around to that if I can't even get thru to anybody on phone provided & worst nobody answers back to my email ether (which of course I trried to contact them that way as well). I am definitely speaking to my credit card company as soon as possible, this is bull shit. It is the first time & definitely the last time I ever get scammed. Now more rhan ever this situation has scarred me forever & its sad for me because not only as a consumer but now as a business ownee myself I have a great lack of trust of all the people I will come across to deal with. Really really sad my trust really hit bottom low for anybody from this point on.

652a3057, 2011-10-23, 09:57PM CDT

I just filled out an application for a grant and after I gave my credit card # to pay the $29.95, I am told that it did not take, so I used another credit card and I was told the same, I know I had all the informations, but they said to put my credit card # again, does that mean that I was charged $29.95 several times because it said that it did not take?? It seems like a rip off and I am sorry to be so naive. It did not say why my card# was rejected????

9ca0e22a, 2011-11-07, 01:36PM CST

Stop insulting people of good character. Why are you criticizing people who feel they have been wronged. You respond as someone who is involved in taking some of these peoples monies. I rebuke you in the name of jesus. You need deliverence from the world and all of its deceptions. I pray you seek jesus and come to the realization of the truth. You sound like Saul before he became Paul! Seek the Lord while you still have time. Stop hating on Christians!

3ff03ed4, 2012-01-18, 12:20PM CST

They also called me and gave me a e-mail address to cancel my account, and I am unable to log in to tell them to cancel my subscription.

9401d1b6, 2012-02-09, 03:47AM CST

I agree with you. Try

6414de50, 2012-03-07, 12:47PM CST

I am having the same trouble.

842ed257, 2012-04-08, 10:47AM CDT

iam glad i read your comments i was just about to pay for this service thanks

93200855, 2012-04-14, 07:48PM CDT

Today is April 14, 2012 and I too am feeling real bad after becomming yet another "VICTIM" in the NewUSAFunding SCAM!!!!!!

27d37b0a, 2012-04-19, 03:51PM CDT

if they are scamming, then if you pay by debit or credit card, loose the card and send out for a new card with new numbers, thats how you cancell membership. and go to tell the better buisnes buruea, on them.

6f4ecd28, 2012-04-22, 10:18AM CDT




f5211488, 2012-05-12, 10:15AM CDT

I was about to apply for New USA Funding and decided to do some research. I just went to BBB (best business bureau) and New USA Funding is rated A+. After reading all the complains in this page how can a scam like this still be so highly rated? Fortunately I did not became another victim of this website. But those who had been victimized, I suggest you should complain at the BBB and it is more likely your voice will be heard.

037435ef, 2012-05-20, 12:04AM CDT

They took my money out of my bank account and then didn't send me anything. I don't know what their refund policy is but i am going to find out.Look at where they are located!!!

TRUMP TOWERS!!!! Chicago, IL!!!!!

Now you know Donald Trump is a fraud!!!

05df7e00, 2012-05-24, 07:06PM CDT

I filled out an application to newusfunding and at the end they asked for a 29.95 fee, but at the beginning it was built up as a free service. I checked for reviews on this company and I believe the negative comments and complaints. There are some comments that try to defend newusfunding, but that has to be from the company itself. It is a scam so don't buy into it. I didn't.

Paul M., 2012-09-17, 07:56PM CDT

I was encouraged to find a site that could give me an oppotunity to get a grant for my newly established buisness one week ago. THEN I was contacted tonight by a firm called Synergy Funding Services who said they were affiliatled with New USA Funding. This gave me an imediate RED FLAG! Why would this so called legitimate New USA Funding Company sell my information? Well, after researchig the Synergy info on line and, through Facebook, I find that the reviews are horrible, I then researched New USA Funding and found the link I am on now!! WHAT a rip off!!!

8542c6b9, 2012-09-24, 09:14AM CDT

I filled out an application, paid, and two minutes later I cancelled. I sent them a e-mail directly after I push the send bottom informing them that I did not want the service and I want my refund deposited back in my account. They took the money anyway. I also informed my banking service that they were not allowed to remove any more money out of my account. This was three weeks ago. I have not received an e-mail,an phone call.... nothing.

e463d2e6, 2012-10-08, 09:45AM CDT

Did anyone actually fill out a grant application after paying their $29.95? I mean I see a lot of complaints regarding this fee process. However, did ANYONE actually get to a grant application to fill it out?

William L., 2013-01-04, 03:54PM CST

What crap. The truth of the matter is that unless you are a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization or a for-profit business involved in research and development in critical areas, THERE ARE NO GRANTS.

Of course there are education grants, everyone knows that. But individual grants and grants for for-profit businesses simply don't exist.

This is just a rip-off. If you don't believe me, go ahead and find out the hard way.

I've been a professional grant writer for over 26 years.

d5dc7b57, 2013-04-03, 07:00PM CDT

William L. - Well CRAP!! I thought I stumbled on something "NEW" or I guess it was just my wishful thinking!! DAMNIT! I've been unemployed for over 2 years, I was laid off, after relocating to the KC area for a position, the company then so kindly laid me off after only 6 short months!! Needless to say I was devastated, oh....and over 2 years later....still unemployed. Oh and did I mention I just turned 50?? I have a degree in HR Mgt. and 10+ years experience, but have still not been able to find a job, and believe me I do NOT sit home watching tv and eat bon-bons!! I have an AWESOME idea for a business, but I KNOW grants for-profit are non-existant, so when I saw this ad I have to admit, I did get a little excited!! My stupidity!!! : ) It is to bad there are people like this who scam others, but trust me, they WILL get theirs in the END...I ASSURE you of that!

73fc3857, 2013-04-23, 07:12AM CDT

I also signed up for the $29.99 service in March. I did note that the $29.99 is refundable if you get turned down for a grant that you applied for. However there isn't even a grant available for help for a down payment for a first time homebuyer. So there's nothing to apply for. They also tricked me into applying for another program through the same site that has a $24.95 charge. I now realize that there are sites like this that prey on people who are strapped for cash and take even more of our hard earned money to provide "services" that don't even exist for my specific needs. AND to make matters worse they debited my checking account AGAIN in April for both of these charges. Now I definitely do not recall seeing mention of the fact that these charges are MONTHLY. I called them and they now assure me that my "membership" is cancelled and there will be no further charges. Of course no mention was made of a refund.

0430b8b4, 2013-05-17, 12:43PM CDT

I wish I had done my due diligence and seen these reviews before giving them my credit card.

The testimonials on the front page are very compelling. After paying the $29.99 for their "admin" and "advertising" costs I received another page offering an additional service for 19.99 a month. What??

Within 10 minutes of declining that I received a phone call asking me to AGAIN subscribe to their application service, and that I would not be able to access the applications that are referred to in this quote directly from their front page:

"The fee is $29.99-a fair price to pay for the wealth of applications and information provided. "

But I don't get the applications until I subscribe to their 19.99 a month program.

I would not recommend looking for grant information here because all they're looking for is YOUR money!

TU, 2013-05-25, 08:57AM CDT

Glad that I read this before giving money. The most telling fact that this could be a fraud is the replies from the person supporting this "opportunity". I find it difficult to trust a source who repeatedly calls those others that disagree as stupid or dumb. I don't think that I have ever heard someone that is credible respond in such a demeaning and unprofessional way. Thanks for the reviews. And for the source that is defending this company...You are certainly hurting more than helping them.

8c83e469, 2013-06-06, 03:10AM CDT

I am very upset about the "New USA Funding" site, I completed the information because I thought I was seeing information from the OPRAH Angel Project. I completed the profile and went to the next frame, next I was asked to submit the $ fee, and then I stopped. shortly my telephone rang and it was the New USA Funding staff asking me to continue. Recently I was diagnosed with a mass in my head and Lupus while dealing with other illness and limitations, and I feel that I?ve been swindled!!!!

ka m., 2013-08-12, 03:36AM CDT

for the person who wondered why the BBB has a rating that is good for someone/thing that is bad. as long as there is some satisfaction to the complaint, then BBB reverses the bad mark. the only place I know to get a true and honest evaluation of a company is RipoffReport and the information Never leaves the site. the company can respond and give their side of the story (fair and prevents just someone being mad about the company) but it is easier to make up your mind when you deal with RipOff Report.

d8acd83e, 2013-08-24, 10:22PM CDT

It is hard to believe that people would scam anyone. Because most of us can't afford to be ripped off and we are trying to better ourselves. How low can anyone be to do this to people who don't have money to spare.

Lawrence R., 2014-01-14, 09:37AM CST

I was about to invest in this opportunity and fortunately I decided to do some research first. After reading the comments on this site, I am so glad I didn't take the first step and submit my information. It is horrible to think that during these tough times, there are people out there that are willing to steal your money. It really causes people to loose faith in the internet all together. As soon as I saw the comments supporting this company, I thought the same thing as one of the other people that commented, it's someone that works for this company, and they really do need Jesus. Hopefully at some point, the powers to be will shut this company down and make sure their site is taken off the web.

c88dcd45, 2014-01-16, 04:00PM CST

OMG! I can't believe that company! I filled out the questionnaire last night but hesitated to submit it after seeing that there was a fee. I decided if I was going to pay any money I should check them out. I hadn't stopped typing more than 2 minutes when my phone rang and it was "them"! A man identified himself as a rep from New USA and asked why I hadn't finished the application. I told him I needed to check the company out first. He offered to let me pay a $19.95 fee rather than $29.95. Suspicious! I told him I'd get back to him. Which I did a few minutes ago after reading all your comments. When I called I got his voice mail so I told him to loose my personal info, not to ever call me, e-mail me, mail me anything or I'd report him on every fraud alert site I could find. Not to mention the BBB, the State Attorney Generals Office and every social media site I could find! Guess what... the dumb ass called me right back and started arguing with me! And they're legit??? I think not!!! He did say, however, that he'd remove my name from wherever he put it.I sure hope so!

1f2c91f1, 2014-03-14, 07:32PM CDT

USA FUNDS were harassing me for over a month. I looked online to see what rules were being broken and what I could. I got in touch with an attorney, Micheal Lupolover and actually sued them. There are rules that have to be followed by each state. Give this guy a call. Well worth it

a6490186, 2014-04-11, 12:54PM CDT

What are you people talking about? I checked out the site and they DO explain the fee upfront on the front page!! How is that a scam? It looks like from what I read that you are paying for service, not a grant, right? Did you not read this site? It's pretty clear to me!

BTW, you are filling out a REGISTRATION PAGE not an APPLICATION. That is CLEAR as well. They tell you on the front page that your information is used in researching new funding opportunities for you. This is what they say on their home page:

"Please fill out the form below as detailed as possible. Your information is confidential and will only be used in researching new funding opportunities for you to apply."

Sounds pretty clear to me.

Also they DO explain the monthly fee on the HOME PAGE as well!!! Did you not read the site???

Also what kind of a company has a toll free number that you can call back and reach the person you just left you a message? A LEGIT ONE!! HOW IS THAT A SCAM??? A scam company is one that you CAN'T get a hold of when you call them back. RIGHT? Who are you people?

I have an idea for all you complainers, how about you start reading instead of complaining!!!

You are all full of it!!!

2f5ee70d, 2014-05-01, 02:08PM CDT

Thank You guys, THis site was very helpful for me. I was very skeptical about putting my credit card information online with this company. Due to the high volume of comments, i changed my mind. I hate i gave out my address and email address, but i can sleep as long as they don't have my credit card info..

Robin B., 2014-05-30, 11:37PM CDT

Well I can't believe that so many people got scammed by this company but yet here it is May of 2014 and not only is it still doing it is on AARP. And to the person who spoke of it telling us that it would ask for a fee, no where on AARP OR THE FIRST PAGE DID IT SAY THAT, IT JUST STARTED GIVING ME DROP DOWNS TO CHOSE THE TYPE OF GRANT AND THEN ASKED MW TO WRITE A SHORT RESPONSE OF WHY THEY SHOULD GIVE ME MONEY, I feel violated I had stopped looking for help and had given up hope of finishing school and being able to get a better job at me age. I thought AARP was there to help. I was wrong this company NEW US FUNDING is a scam.

ken d., 2015-07-11, 04:36AM CDT

I came to this page by way of ordernarily trustworthy. No fee mentioned until I filled all out. Glad I opened wifes comp. to check it out. thanks everyone. Next comment will be to

Margot J., 2014-09-17, 07:04AM CDT

Are there any legitimate places where you can get funding and NOT get taken for your hard-earned-money? It seems like in our society today the moral compass was broken and stepped on a long time ago. Sometimes it makes you just want to give up on everything. The thing is most people are not looking for a HAND-OUT, just as "HAND-UP". Are we wrong for asking? Should we be victimized just because life handed us some lemons and we chose to try and make lemonade? I'm just looking for some direction so I can take car of my family,does anyone understand me?

1e786b06, 2014-12-05, 05:17PM CST

Let me first sayn this to every one who has gotten screwed by New USA Funding, IT IS ILLEGAL FOR ANY ORGANIZATION who is suppose to be writing and issuing Government Grants to charge a fee. Their offices already get paid by the Federal Gov. to Write nd issue Grants. I did that once and that was three years ago and I never got a damn dime, nor did I get my money back. These scum bags come into our country and claim that they represent the Gov. Grant Office, But when you start asking them for the representiive in Washington you can speak with to verify their credibility they suddenly hang up on you and then you can't get hold of the number they gave you.

sue d., 2014-12-08, 06:27PM CST

Well either way, the site, application,'s all unclear so the "needy" only see funds. I was close to registering also but I quickly looked here before giving out my credit card info. Yes,I would like to hear from those who did, in fact, not only get to register,but also got to apply, then receive funds. WHERE ARE THOSE LUCKY GRANT WINNERS?

When I originally filled out the questionare and I got to the end,I saw the submit tab, but I also saw the $29.95 credit card charge. Yeah, I was pissed, but then i saw a comment box. Well I laid into them with everything I had. I even called them bottom feeding pond scum lickers and told them not to call me again. But not 24hrs later, the idiots called me again!

So that brings me here. I don't care who you are, why would anyone have to give anyone money to get money? Shame on you New USA Funding. And also the so-called sales reps. They work for NUF, so they are just as much to blame. They push you to give them your info ASAP and that's just as bad.

Rose L., 2015-03-12, 08:59PM CDT

Now a days one can't be too careful enough about doing business with companies like New USA Funding, that appears to be legitimate and aren't. They are using our information and form of advertising against us. Do you have any idea the money they're racking in at $29.95? Millions of dollars! There are a plethora of unscrupulous people out here, especially those who are joined to groups with agendas like ISIS; who are doing all they can to get money so they can carry out their plans to take over other countries (including ours). There plans are to steal, kill and destroy other human beings who won't succumb to their demands and/or the way they think and belief system. Before filling out this New USA Funding, I looked them first, like what I'm doing for other companies affording anything from personal loans to payday loans; for legitimacy and creditiablity to see if (like this company) have complaints against them. One company the BBB reports not to do business with.

I don't know of any Government grants that charges you for applying, and nor do I know or have heard of financial companies, Lenders or otherwise charging you to do a loan with them at whatever cost or price. They do however, charge monthly payments and interest; expecting you to pay them back the money they've loaned, with putting a little extra money back into their bank accounts.

The scammers are so huge a business not even our Federal Agents are able to keep up with them. Have you noticed that the phone numbers (when you phoned at home, at work, or on your cell phone it's is (for most cases), numbers you're not able to call back, and they always seem to have heavy accents and American names. If we expect this to stop! It's up to us to stop to it, and that starts before filling out anything (in the form of an application); and make the necessary inquiries as I've done to see if this company is a company you can trust doing business with. If their telling you to go to a near by business that sends Express Money Grams; places like Walmart, Safeway, Rite Aide, etc. It's a SCAM. One phoned my granddaughter, telling her because she pays her bills on time and don't owe any debt the Government was compensating people (a hand selected few) with $8,000.00. She came by my home before going to Walmart per their instructions. I went ahead of her knowing this wasn't right and she was about to make a huge mistake. I watched her reach for the Express Money Gram, as sender and not receiver. I then asked her had she given them any of her bank account information? She said, "No!" Then she continued to speak to listen to their instructions; first it was a lady, then this guy and he's very pushy. Then I couldn't hold it in any longer and said, "It's a scam!" They tried convincing her they were legitimate, but I said, "No, one pays anyone for money they have coming!" No, one!

Already our enemies think us stupid and selfish people; us meaning (the United States citizens), and they HATE us. We don't need to give them a "thumbs-up" on what they think or say --- with taking risk like I nearly did. They were going to charge her $250.00; me it would have been $350.00. People please don't give your personal information either before first checking them out. If you use wisdom you'll have curve the problem we're all having with identity thief; like what we're seeing. STOP MAKING THEIR JOBS EASY. God bless!

156d2980, 2015-03-29, 08:45PM CDT

I haven't read all the comments so this is probably a repeat experience, but on the website after I put in my cc info, on the next page it revealed the $30/mo recurring charge, so where it said sign up, yes or no, I clicked NO. Next page; Congratulations! Blah blah. I emailed them and said no I said NO. I immediately called my cc company and they stopped the charge. What a scam. When I hung up from my cc company NewUSFunding called and I told them the above. They sent me a cancellation # and said to expect it to take 3-5 days. I said that won't happen because my cc company won't even let the charge go through.

I really dislike it when online companies are so deceptive. Hope everyone else gets their money back.

a7e12455, 2015-04-07, 01:46PM CDT


Nenette G., 2015-07-09, 12:55PM CDT

DO NOT USE THIS "GRANT FUNDING" THIS IS A SCAM! I got a call that wanted to grant me up to $7000, but wanted me to use a Western Union account to pay $200 to "verify it was me" and then promised to sent it in cash. But they said Westernunion would only sent amounts up to $500 to me at one time. (All of this was after they took brief information from me and had me call (205)-383-2916. I did not do it I have been through fraud like this before. I asked them wheer I could verify the information and they gave me the which looked real, but then you had to do an application and pay with a credit card or only $29. So why would they ask me for $200 on the phone if it was legitimate? It's not!

386d12b7, 2015-08-23, 02:19PM CDT

And I was just getting ready to send them some money I'm so happy that I read results not only from this site but other sites because my person feel like it's a scam.

John A., 2015-09-25, 03:17PM CDT

I entered all the information asked for and clicked "Click Here to Start Applying" thinking it meant they were going to start process since I had provided all my personal information, how much money I needed, and what unique things separated me from other applicants applying for the money. The next webpage wanted my credit card information and $29.95. I completed the form with all the credit card information but before submitted it, I got on my desktop and checked USA Funding out. What I read what a scam company this was I was shocked. I erased all my credit card information and logged out. I got calls the next day about my application. I said I did not apply as I found out it was a scam. They said that once I clicked with the payment information, it was a done deal and there was no refund. I told the person who called from 1-435-216-4968 that I did not click the webpage and I wanted them to refund my money. The guy was cocky and repeated it was a deal because the record showed I clicked after I entered the credit card info. I did not and do not know how they clicked it without my knowing. I am proceeding to file complaints and reports.

ebe8ca12, 2015-10-26, 01:10PM CDT

I registered for loans and grants in I did not know that they would be charging membership fees $29.99. Later a customer representative called me by stating that I would be charged $29.99 which I could cancel at any time. I agreed . I sent an email and canceled their services in the 2nd month. They removed / locked my account in the middle of 2nd month. Since I paid the money I should have been able to use the services till the end of 2nd month. It was completely wrong on their part to remove my services in the middle.

82f9b8d4, 2015-12-12, 06:23AM CST

I really thought I had found a great site that could assist me with my need. So I filled out that form, which took me about 2 hours to do it. Then I clicked on the link to proceed. Then a screen came up that showed me what I had written. I thought good I can edit what I had said. So I read it and then proceeded to the next screen. I was really surprised that they wanted me to pay them for you might as well say $30 for them to assist me! Here I am asking for info on where I can find help with my problem because I don't have the funds to do it myself and they want to charge me! I don't think so! That is just a bunch of crap! I am really disappointed because I thought I had found a solution and then to find this is just a scam! They really should be totally ashamed and I wish I could find a way to shut them down. I see by the comments that a lot of people have already been scammed and something needs to be done about this! So I am going to ask if anybody knows how to shut them and to share the info. I want to thank you in advance anyone that could help with this problem.

806ee421, 2016-01-08, 06:38AM CST

Last night I received a Facebook friend request off someone I thought was already on my friends list. I accepted anyway thinking maybe she just set up a new profile. Within 30 mins of accepting I had a inbox message off 'her'. I replied, again thinking this was the person I knew. But the second message I had off 'her' she started to mention NUF.And started I should of heard off them.

Curiously I asked who/what NUF was, her response came,

'new USA funding ' have they not been in touch yet?'

So then my Internet search commenced and it came across this thread. Instantly messaged some mutual friends asking if they'd received something similar. Finally this morning we seem to have got to the bottom of this when one of us rang the lady who's Facebook profile it supposedly was.

And what a shock, she has NOT made a new profile. Someone has copied her identity on Facebook, even taking pictures from her actual real Facebook account and seems to be messaging people off the copied account asking people about NUF!!!

Absolutely terrible that people / companies would do this. And we're in the UK.

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