Turman and Associates - Bad Private Investigater service.

Posted on Wednesday, June 30th, 2010 at 3:48am CDT by 82089648

Product: Private investigator

Company: Turman and Associates

Location: 1100 Nasa Pkwy # 402, Houston, TX, 77058-3357 He said he moved out of his office and is working from his home. He let his insurance expire!
Houston, Tx, 77058, US

Category: Other

I hired Jon Turman to confirm my husband was living with a convicted prostitute with three kids by three different men and one baby by my husband during our divorce.

My attorney had an account with my husband's business and I was going to sue him and Jon Turman knew that.

But I found out later that there is on acocuntabitlity in Brazoria county Tx.

The attorney's don't have to carry insureance hence they can do whatever they want and you can't do anything about it!

I have hire PI's before Mr. Turman

and I had to hire another because of

the lack of service.

He said he moved out of his office

and is working from his home.

He let his insurance expire after I hired him. He waited untill the insurance expired to mail me my report!

4-23-10 I paid Jon $450 up front.

the next day he called and blow me

off saying he had to go out of town

for another customer.

4-28-10 I called him to set up time

to provide service and he was rude

but agreed to service dates.

He said he was a professtional photographer but didn't get any pictures after stating he had the opportunities.

He said he's been in business and could do any job. But he produced nothing.

He told me adultery was not concidered in Brazoria county courts.

He tried to give me legal advice regarding how to file a law suit.

He said he mail me my report after

6 weeks but I never got it.

I couldn't get a reciept with his letter head which means I can't use

it in court!

He left out the attachments from my report I fininally got via email so

the report is worthless in court.

He kept saying he was a professional photographer and so was the girl's

dad who my husband had a baby with during our divorce!

He said via email I fired him because

he was willing to work for free because

he was family issues, some family issues and a robbery.

I taped all my conversation with Jon Turman and I wonder who else he has ripped off? I don't believe he even did any surviellance because he said my husband and his girl frined/baby's moma were speeding, changing cars and looking up and down the street while a the mail box.

I let him go because he did provide any services or produce anything he said he could do. He didn't take pictures when he had the changes. He make too many excuses. He was rude or short tempered.

He wanted to work for FREE! Who does that? He had family issues which he said was getting in the way. He didn't provice me with a contract or receipt.

He took my money up front. He blew me off for another customer. He gave legal advice. And I never got a report I could use in court.

Because I didn't get my report for 6 weeks, I mailed three envelopes from the Kemah post office, same place he said he mailed my report from, and got all three; two the next day and one in a week. I think he mailed somehing to someone but not to me! Because he said, "I hope your husband didn't get the mail!" I mailed 20 pages via the suggested weight from the postmaster.

I got 3 page and an incomplete report.

Why would this man be so rude? How many other people is he doing the same thing to? I spoke with an attorney and she said I have a small claims court issue but Jon Turman didn't pay his private investigator's insurance hence I can't sue him. This is why I think what I believe Jon Turman is exercising unfair business practices and ripped me off!

I have NO complete report or a reciept.

He refuses to remail a complete report!

Who does business like that? Some who is moving to the Florida Keys with is two sons?

I hire a company to inspect my home and got a 75 page report the next day. Hmm?

Tx Dept of Public Safety




Don't contact me. Don't call me. Post your own complaints. I never trust a man who ripps women off!

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8c0b3db7, 2011-10-09, 06:45PM CDT

I hired John Turman. He didn't provide me with a final report or reciept which I needed for court which is time sinsitive lawsuit.

I had to hire someone else.

A bad private investigator?

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