Posted on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 12:26pm CDT by 8804ce53

Product: shipping guarantee

Company: UPS

Location: UPS World Headquarters 55 Glenlake Parkway NE
Atlanta, GA, 30328, US


Category: Other

I purchased an antique painting from Kevin Stone Antiques at 3420 Magazine St, New Orleans, for $2240. Mr. Stone took the painting to UPS Store #4134; their job was to pack and ship it to me in Belvedere, CA. UPS guarantees that the item will arrive in good condition when they do the packing, and that was the case here.

UPS billed my credit card $250.31 on 2/12/10 for the packing, the box, and the shipping. The painting arrived with many instances of damage to the frame, and one instance of damage to the painting itself. Many fragments of the gold paint from the frame were found loose inside the box after it arrived.

I contacted Laurie at the UPS Store in New Orleans and told her about the damage. She took my claim information and asked me for a copy of my purchase invoice for the painting, which I faxed to her. Subsequently, I was contacted by UPS in Northern California about the claim. I emailed numerous digital photos of the painting, showing the damage, to UPS-Northern California. Thereafter, when I asked UPS-Northern California for a resolution to the matter, they said I would have to look to the UPS Store that did the shipping for satisfaction.

After sending the photos (approx. 12 photos in all) I left two messages for Laurie at UPS Store #4134, on March 30th and April 2nd. She did not return either of my calls. On April 28th, I filed a complaint with BBB-Greater New Orleans. BBB has informed me that UPS Store #4134 did not provide any response to the complaint and their deadline for responding has expired.

UPS is a worldwide company and it is because of the corporate reputation that I placed faith in their guarantee and used their service for this shipment.

Since UPS Store #4134 has not honored their commitment, UPS World Headquarters needs to step up to the plate and make good on their company's guarantee. I have been charged $700.00 for having the painting and frame repaired. I have disputed the $250.31 that I paid for the shipping and packing on my credit card; this leaves a net amount of $449.69 that I am due from UPS. I have filed a complaint with BBB-Greater Atlanta and am awaiting restitution.


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