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Posted on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 12:38am CDT by 86b79725

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I have been a loyal geico customer since 1996. I have never been in an accident so I have never had a problem with my coverage. Then, this past April, I was sitting at a stop light when I was hit by a drunk driver.

My mustang was rear ended and then side swiped as the drunk driver fled the scene. I had to swerve into a pole to lessen the impact. Thankfully no one was hurt, in my car, or the three other cars hit by the same drunk driver.

My car however was not so lucky. Both side mirrors, both rear quarter panels and my rear bumper were damaged.

I promptly reported the incident to Geico. They told me that we would have to wait for the police report to come back before they would know if I have to pay my deductible or not. I have uninsured motorist insurance which waives the deductible if the drunk driver doesn't have insurance. And the claims rep said that my deductible would be refunded to me if the drunk driver did have insurance because I was not at fault in the accident. So either way, I'm not paying a deductible right?

After a few weeks I called geico and asked if they had the drunk driver's information so I could take my car in to be repaired. They said that they were still waiting for the police report so I'd have to wait more. I was able to obtain the front page of the report from the police myself, but it didn't say anything about the other driver's insurance info.

2 more weeks passed and still no word from Geico. They refused to pay for a rental so I had been driving my wife to and from work, in my towncar. -which is not easy on the gas as you can imagine. I spoke with Geico again and they said to just bring the car in and we would deal with the deductible when we figure it out. So I did what they said. I have not been in an accident before so I didn't know any better. I guess that's what I get for trusting them.

When I finally get the call from the adjuster, she said that my 2001 mustang is totaled. She said it's going to cost $5000 to fix the car and that's more than it's worth. Or they would give me $3200 and a salvage title. Now what am I supposed to do with $3200 if that's not enough to fix the car and it's not enough to replace it?

She explains that it would have been $3700 but they are charging me the deductible.-Even though they still allegedly don't know the other driver's insurance info.

So what can I do but accept it? I tell the adjuster that I'm going to have to think about it and get back to her.

I went to pick the car up today, and they charged me $180 for "storage" . That was the last straw.

So to recap... I was hit by a drunk driver on april 12th, 2010. It's now June 2nd, 2010. My car is still not fixed. A $3200 check, supposedly in the mail, to get $5000 worth of repairs done. I have been driving my wife to and from work in my towncar for a month and a half AND I'm out $180 for "storage" . Thanks Geico!

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c458eec9, 2011-07-25, 06:33PM CDT

$3200 is not enough to replace the car??? Try driving a preowned car...DUH! You are the lucky one bubba, I was hit by a drunk driver.,..totaled my paid for truck..he got medical bills total $90,000 to date, I still havn't gotten all of my bills in yet, my short term disability hasn't kicked in yet I'm owed 4 weeks worth of paychecks with none coming anytime soon, my bills are soo far behind. Geico sent me a check for $10,000 made out to me and the if they don't agree to split this check with me I have $0 money to buy a replacement car, btw if they say no they wont get a dime, I'll send them $10 a month and they can choke on it..I would gladly take that $3200 check and not bat an eyelash. OH YEA, my storage fee is $ me a favour piss and moan to someone else, my predictament is alot worse then yours!!

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