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Posted on Thursday, June 3rd, 2010 at 4:25pm CDT by 42e550bf

Company: Goodyear tires

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Approximately 6 weeks ago I purchased 4 goodyear wrangler tires with kevlar. I paid right at $1000 for the set of 4.

approximately 4 weeks later I had 2 flats in the same day. The tires were returned to the goodyear service center and they advised me that the tires were not fixable. I purchased these tires, because I do a lot of driving and don't want a flat. I had two flats in one day with tires that are designed not to get a flat. as a result, I had to buy 2 more tires at $500. Now I have $1500 invested in new tires.

After the last service, one of my tire rims was bent. I brought the truck back for goodyear to solve the problem, I was advised to go to another tire company to straighten the rim. goodyear doesn't straighten rims. goodyear only bends them.

My thoughts, goodyear was the only one to touch the tires and rims. they put the tires on and off twice.

I think they bent the rim.

Now I need to go to goodyears competitor to fix the problem.

I think I will go to the competitor for all future tires and services.



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