Hampton Bay - Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Parts

Posted on Tuesday, June 29th, 2010 at 5:09pm CDT by 7303ec0d

Company: Hampton Bay

Location: US

Category: Other

My 3 yr old Hampton Bay fan had its capacitor burn out. I found their "support" site, as an aol.com address which seems staffed by 2-3 people.

They refused to sell/send me the capacitor I needed unless I disassembled the entire unit to get the UPC/SKU number off the top of the fan (a process that takes an hour). I had a photo of the capacitor and it was clear what I needed yet they used a lame analogy that they HAD to have the numbers or they might sell me the wrong part. To me, it's like having a spark plug in your hand and wanting another one.

I found eceilingfans.com who were more than happy to sell one to me (actually I bought two since I'd expect the part to fail again), and it's an exact match to what's in there.

The inability of Hampton Bay to provide simple, quality support has me set against them forever. And since they're wholly owned by Home Depot, my view of them is colored to.

Stay away from Hampton Bay!


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