Posted on Monday, June 28th, 2010 at 1:49pm CDT by 6b16893e

Product: Hair Salon

Company: The Cut Salon

Location: 1620 Ocean Park Blvd
Santa Monica, CA, 90405, US


Category: Other

My hair was damaged. The first stylist cut off 4 inches of hair instead of trimming. She did a horrible job on color and highlights that I did not ask for. I was overcharged. The stylist appeared intoxicated and made sexual advances.

I allowed the salon to attempt to fix (and by fix I mean hopefully look a little better than the hack job).

The second stylist gave me stripes that looked like a skunk, did not fix the overall color, and was unable to do anything with cut as it was already too short. She said the other stylist made me look like a country bumpkin. a frosted country bumpkin.

The person who did facial waxing left me burnt and broken out for a week.

I lost a very important job because of their negligence and have lost additional work as well. I had to spend hundreds to have the damaged hair repaired and get a new cut and color.

Prior to filing a suit against the company I have attempted to contact the owner via email twice over the past two months and have not received even the courtesy of a reply.

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69dd9d80, 2010-06-29, 12:00PM CDT

This woman's name is SANDY FURY and she is NUTS!!!! stay away from her. She has no life and is CRAZY!!

Who is going to start a blog site for CRAZY CUSTOMERS??????

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