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Product: SONY VGN-FW 200 Extended Warranty

Company: Best Buy

Location: 3300 NW 62nd Ave Margate FL 33063
Margate, Fl, 33063, US


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June 27, 2010

To All my Fellow Americans:

Dont know where to startLets make it shortI bought a Sony Vaio VGNFW200, with an extended warranty for $679.99.

Within 6 months of purchase, connection where power slot came loose and computer was not able to receive electric charge. I called customer service and they sent a tech and after a week, tech came and fixed problem.

Now, lets fast forward 6 months later, computer would not turn on at all. I take to geek squad and they ship it to SONY. Here is their reply Motherboard is defective and laptop was previously opened, voiding warranty. Customer needed to purchase accidental warranty coverage. Fee to repair laptop is $679.99. Customer has choice to pay repair fee or request laptop back.

Yes, the laptop was opened, when SONY TECH repaired the laptop 6 months ago, they have the records, I have the receipts. I tried to explain this to Best Buy rep that called, all he could say, Thats what the notes are telling me

Now, I have heard horror stories regarding Best Buys Extended Warranty coverage but hoped that those were just a few bad apples. I was terribly wrong.

I will not fight them anymore, all I will do is make sure I will post my experience on these websites (,,,, and If I could prevent one person from committing same mistake I did, then that, will make me fell better!!!


If anyone needs documentation on this ordeal, I will be happy to email the supporting information.

[email protected]

John Cortes

Coconut Creek, FL


4b29b969, 2010-07-07, 06:39PM CDT

I promised to keep the board updated on any developments:

Today I got contacted from an assistant producer from WSVN, local Florida news channel. I had reached out to them about my situation with Best Buy and them not honoring their warranty. I sent them all documentation and receipts for verification. After 30 days had passed, I imagined I was not selected to be on their program called Help ME Howard.

Now today, they want to go forward and I am very excited about being on the air. They stated they had another 2 situations in metro area (Dade County) that had the same exact situation with Best Buy. The only difference being that those were HP laptops.

As soon as I have a final confirmed date, I will advise and let my other Best Buy forum members know. Obviously, I will record and post online on youtube for members outside the South Florida area.

Keep fighting for your rights my fellow friends, It will payoff at the end!!!

c8c7c15e, 2010-11-09, 10:46AM CST

Maybe it was because they new you were a scammer and would claim credit card fraud....

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