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Product: Lam Facial Plastics, Lam Insitute

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Location: 6101 Chapel Hill Blvd
Plano, TX, 75093, US

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Hello everyone. I have compiled a list of the negative reviews of Dr. Samuel Lam who works at Lam Facial Plastics (a.k.a. Lam Institute of Hair Restoration) in Plano, TX. He has taken unethical measures to silence his botched surgery victims and is paying companies to have his poor ratings removed. There are many plastic surgeons who have practiced for almost 20 years and have never encountered serious medical complications at their hands and dont have a single severely bad review of them online, then you have inexperienced surgeons like Dr. Samuel M. Lam who has only been in practice for 11 years and he has already has a history of many botched surgeries. It is easier for him to work on his reputation behind the computer screen than it is for him to work on his technique which is lacking.

There were lots of other reviews that I was unable to get a hold of because they were removed. In due time I PROMISE YOU that many of the reviews below will be also be taken down. This is America and it is your right to know the entire past of a doctor before you are treated by him. You will find his successes on his own websites (www.lamfacialplastics.com, www.drsamlamfaceforum.com) but dont think for a second hell post any of the unsuccessful cases. I could have been saved from him had he not hidden their stories from me. This is still a list in progress. Please cut, copy, paste, and spread the word. Thank you for reading.

Posted 06/24/2010 by Sensats on Complaintsboard.com

Just anonymous "patients"? So is that all we are to him? We are human beings and we have names. We are victims of this wicked man who is trying to erase our existence from the public just to make a name for himself. I have a voice and I want to tell my story, but Dr. Sam Lam is a corrupt doctor who knows how to keep his patients scared and quiet. I don't know any other doctor in America who did what he did, you read about people like this in the newspaper but you never think it would ever happen to you! I can tell from what you just said that Sam Lam has not told you everything. He says he is very sorry for how he has made such a big mistake in person one on one, but in public he fails to acknowledge your existence and not once does he ever talk about the failed outcomes of his work. He has never talked about me or others he have harmed. He completely erases you from his memory and wipes out your existence because you are a reminder that he is a bad doctor. What about the patient though? Is the patient just a piece of meat? He made one apology video...but he rehearses so that it is his patients' fault for having too high of expectations and he is just sorry that they did not like his work. Thats not what he says in person when you are alone with him. He is puting his lawyer's advice before morals. If he really wants to become famous, we can help him with that. Tell him to let us go public with our stories and you will be told everything (Pictures included).

Posted 12/31/2009 on makemeheal.com

Botched Fat Transfer Experience Ruined my Life

by ordon20102010 Thu Dec 31, 2009 3:51 pm

I am several years out of Dr. Lam's fat grafting and this shameless doctor has mutilated my entire face with cysts or what looks like hardened lumps which is anything but fat--maybe scar tissue several years later after the surgery. The entire area where he grafted sticks out of the rest of the skin and 'pushes' the skin upwards. All of the fat has disappeared, but I most certainly don't look like I did before I saw him but instead am left with mutilated skin with hardened lumps in the grafted area. I have watched every single one of his videos and talked to him online. I agree, he responds to every single email and I thought I was special and what in front of me was a good doctor. WRONG! He is in fact, not knowledgeable but likes to make up science. He says that over time, his fat looks better, it "grows" and becomes beautifully blended. WRONG! Fat does not grow but it only gets resorbed. Worst of all, I got these massive lumps underneath the skin and this may be permanent as some of my doctors have said. I have had fat grafting done by other doctors and I have never in my life encountered this as I did with Dr. Samuel Lam. His solution to every nook and cranny is to fill fill fill. He doesn't know how to reverse or fix this problem because he is an inexperienced doctor.

Does this look good? NO! This careless man took thousands from my bank account and that wasn't enough for him to double check his notes and graft only areas we agreed to. Whats funny is that his markings on the day of the surgery differed from what we discussed, and what he grafted also differed. He took it on his own free will to inject fat all around my brows, and now I look like a very angry neanderthal with prominent brows. All of those hardened tissue is sticking out and pushing the skin forward. Apparently this is permanent and I can't get those massive hardened lumps out. My once beautifully scuplted cheekbones which I loved and other people have complimented on are now lumpy and unnatural looking. I had beautiful eyes and cheekbones and Dr. Lam was the first person I ever met that had a problem with them and wanted to do something about them. I never consented to the grafts he put in but something completely different. If the patient doesn't have a problem with a certain feature, why fix it? Thats exactly what a good doctor told me, but oh no not Dr. Samuel Lam. He thinks what he does to your face is much better than what you have naturally. I look older, more tired, and my face looks constantly puffy like I've been crying over a sad movie or just waken up with puffy eyes. Who gave him permission to do this? Does he even write anything down during consultations because obviously he has a terrible memory or takes in more patients than he can handle!!!

Dr. Samuel Lam you need to be ashamed of yourself and how dare you call yourself a doctor. You disfigued my face and mutilated me permanently with your botched fat grafting. Afterwards, you make yourself out to be a saint and say you were doing me a favour by trying to help me. Don't ever say that to a patient after being paid thousands of dollars. I don't go out anymore and spend most of my time as an indoor hermit thanks to your mutilation of my face. Don't make yourself out to be a saint in public by calling yourself a helper of people and charge exorbitant fees at the same time. I can't believe I let myself be mislead by your answering of emails, wonderful videos, sweet websites, comments like "Let me take care of you!" "You will love it!" When I met you in person you are a different person than your character online. I should have listened to my instincts by a man who says that most of his fat graft stays when he does not even follow up with every patient who has had fat grafted. Dr. Samuel Lam is nothing but a bold-faced liar and a professional mutilator of human faces. How does he even sleep at night after turning me into a freak of nature leaving with this destroyed face for the rest of my life? I can't and I want nothing more than my old face back! I want nothing more than to turn back the hands of time and never have watched his videos on YouTube and ended up sitting in his chair! He actually has a video on "Safety before Quality." A safe surgeon NEVER EVER does all fat grafting in one shot like he does and he is lying when he says hes more conservative than other doctors. That kind of plastic surgeon is someone who is arrogant and someone who gambles with your health. Safe fat grafting is about doing it in stages, always. This professional face mutilator knows nothing on both but only how to destroy people's lives and steal human identities. You have no idea on what botched plastic surgery can do to a person until you live through it and I wouldn't wish this on any one else on Earth, not even Dr. Samuel Lam who personally mutilated me.

Posted 04/27/2010 on makemeheal.com

Master of Facial MUTILATION and BUTCHER

by johnnyandjoe Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:39 pm

sued wrote:TLFCFewweeks says that I am full of assumptions! Aren't you the one who accused me of lying about my identity and being some kind of sneaky doctor??? I think you're the assumptive one. My advice to see a lawyer - confidentially - is still good. None of us really know your situation or the legalities surrounding it. I do know that doctors play the good old boy game, and need to be held accountable. If we give in to their intimidation, we are supporting their behavior.

Response by johnnyandjoe: I dont think the OP was accusing you of anything sued, the OP is being cautious. Dr. is a member of "Medical Justice", the organization started by JS devoted to removing anything negative about him online. JS does not treat any patients who refuse a non-disclosure agreement which is suspicious if you ask me. For a fee, this company helps him remove comments which warns other patients about their experiences. Any fool knows that not all doctors play the good old boy game and are held accountable. Most do but there are a few individuals that don't and ruin it for the ethical majority. This doctor is one of those who trick patients into believing they are a lot more experienced in doing surgery than they really are. Its just up to those burned patients to take a stand and tell their story. There are always more message boards and media outlets everyday so let Medical Justice do their work to silence patients. I suppose we just need to work harder to get the word out.

Posted 06/17/2010 on RateMD.com

God gives beauty and Dr. Sam Lam destroys it. He resculpted my once beautiful face and made me into a nasty, repulsive beast. Dr. Lam is a horrible surgeon with no talent or morals. Don't trust everything on the internet because of crafty, manipulative people like him who know how to use the internet and use money to get his way if necessary. Don't forget to also ask him what he does with patients if things go wrong. Make sure you get your answers before proceeding because he is very evasive when he wants to be.

Posted 04/25/2010 on RateMD.com

Dr. Lam is a terrible doctor, I went to see him for dermal fillers and the outcome turned out completely different from what he said on his message boards and video. My face is lumpy with uneveniness and just a complete mess, and he didnt even wash his hands before touching me when I saw him! For an artist, he has no sense of symmetry and beauty. His staff are nice caring Southern belles, this would be a good practice if they only switched to a doctor who had better surgical training and knows how to properly operate a needle and a scalpel. He could afford to be nicer because he is ill-mannered and he is one of the cockiest men I have ever met in my life. He is like an arrogant television personality without the good looks or the skills of an experienced surgeon. I have nothing good to say about this arrogant person besides his staff.

Posted 04/3/2010 on RateMD.com

I got my nose done from Dr. Lam. What I liked the best about him was his friendly and caring staff. Dr. Lam is not rude but not friendly either but I don't care as long as the doctor does his job. I won't recommend him for nose surgery because he is very conservative, my nose looks the SAME except I now have breathing problems and have to use a nasal spray all the time. Also, he is very friendly and responds to all emails ASAP before surgery but not after the surgery. So I won't recommend him.

Posted 12/31/2009 on RateMD.com

I am several years out of Dr. Lam's fat grafting and this shameless doctor has mutilated my entire face with cysts or what looks like hardened lumps many years later after the surgery. The entire area where he grafted sticks out of the rest of the skin and 'pushes' the skin upwards. All of the fat has disappeared, but I most certainly don't look like I did before I saw him but instead am left with mutilated skin with hardened lumps in the grafted area. I have watched every single one of his videos and talked to him online. I agree, he responds to every single email and I thought I was special and what in front of me was a good doctor. WRONG! He is in fact, not knowledgeable but likes to make up science. He says that over time, his fat looks better, it "grows" and becomes beautifully blended. WRONG! Fat does not grow but it only gets resorbed. Worst of all, I got these massive lumps underneath the skin and this may be permanent as some of my doctors have said.

Posted 12/16/2009 on RateMD.com

ALL PATIENTS NEED TO BE AWARE OF THIS. If there are any patients with negative experiences with him, Dr. Samuel Lam removes them off his website immediately (he stays VERY well connected with his web, in fact if you send him a message, he responds to all your emails ASAP). I don't know what doctor really has all that time, but from my experience he just doesnt put as much time after you become a patient. Also, if you post on other sites, he asks the administrators of those sites to remove the honest comments. I'm positive he has contacted RateMD. This is only part of the story however in how he keeps these negative experiences silent.... I urge all patients to ask Dr. Lam if there are any other methods he uses to ensure that these patients of negative experiences are kept....silent....

Posted 09/5/2009 on RateMD.com

If you want hair restoration, DONT SEE THIS GUY!! He makes himself overrated by his endless internet campaigns and his prices are outrageous!!

Posted 07/5/2009 on RateMD.com

He comes off as friendly on his forum but in person he is extremely rude. He forgets whats discussed during consultations, and what surgeries hes even done on you even if it was just a week ago!! He has trouble differentiating between airbrushed photos with makeup over natural photos which any woman can distinguish.

Posted 06/29/2009 on RateMD.com

Dr. Lam destroyed my face with his poor artistry and careless hands. I ended up seeing him after consulting with many doctors because he sounded so promising and his website is very convincing. All lies, he should have been a car salesman, not a doctor because he is awful. I'm seeking medical treatment not cosmetic related to fix what hes done. The mistakes he makes are permanent and they will destroy your face and your self worth. Avoid his office, he is unethical and his website is promotional, i repeat promotional NOT for education purposes.

Posted 05/30/2009 on RateMD.com

I've permanently lost nervous sensation in different parts of the face thanks to this doctor. His technique is very bad and there is tremendous side effects that he forgot to mention or just didnt know. "I'm an artist" is his favorite phrase. Don't make me laugh, I've mentioned his plans to other doctors and even they thought his strategies were quite unusual and some laughable. I repeat, he has one of the worst artistic taste in this business. I've gotten far better results from others and their prices are not even close to his. Texas Medical Board needs to look into this man.

Posted 05/7/2009 on RateMD.com

PATIENTS BEWARE. Dr. Samuel Lam is a phenomenal publicist and is not entirely honest. I could not emphasize this more, he is a phenomenal publicist and is extremely convincing by mouth, but don't trust a thing he says. He is dishonest, he misrepresents his practice, he covers up his faults, exaggerates his strengths. He uses the internet to promote himself through dishonesty, and HE PRACTICES INTERNET CENSORSHIP. He is intentionally not giving you the whole story. Don't let yourself get hurt by Dr. Lam, I wouldn't wish this on my worst enemy. Do your homework please. If a doctor makes himself sound too good to be true, he is and thats just ego talking, not talent. Never ever forget that if a surgeon sounds too good to be true, WALK AWAY!!!!

Posted 06/09/2010 on merchantcircle.com

Butchered by Samuel Lam

This guy has great websites but he is not half as skilled and competent as he says he is. You won't get adequate growth but only end up with a horribly inflamed scalp and itchiness with this guy. Not to mention it looks terrible aesthetically (just look at this guys massive pumpkin head and you'll see what I'm talking about). If he lowered his prices I could have forgiven him but his prices are just outrageous. I should have just just south of the border to Mexico and I probably would have gotten somewhat better results for a fraction of his prices. His assistant Emina isn't much help either....someone step in and train these incompetent people already!

Lam Facial Plastics and Hair Restoration Center.......AVOID AT ALL COSTS

June 09, 2010 by PJ in Dallas, TX

Posted 06/20/2010 on merchantcircle.com

Lam Facial Plastics

Arrogant doctor who does shotty work and constantly compares himself to other people like Dr. Rizk and Dr. Sydney Coleman. He does rhinoplasties to give patients persistent breathing problems, and his solution of youth to fat tranfer patients is to make them look as bloated as possible...thats his solution to youth. Just look what he did to his mom, Carol Lam who now looks like a Japanese version of Roseanne Arnold. Great work Samuel!

June 20, 2010 by Anonymous

Posted 02/06/2010 on merchantcircle.com

Hair Transplant Gone Wrong by Dr. Samuel Lam

Apparently, this man causes side effects in hair transplant surgeries as well. Be lucky you didn't end up in his chair if you want a hair transplant!


February 06, 2010 by Customer

Posted 01/09/2010 on merchantcircle.com

Dr. Samuel Lam of Lam Facial Plastics -Face Mutilator

If you want your face mutilated with permanent side effects, endless dermatologist visits, revision plastic surgeons, Dr. Samuel Lam is the doctor for you. Never trust his website where he filters and monitors what is written about him.....DECEPTIVE!

January 09, 2010 by Anonymous

Posted 02/19/2010 by And L. on yelp.com

Dr. Samuel Lam is truly the artist of facial mutilation. Once you go through plastic surgery with this guy you may end up with a lifetime of revision surgeries. This man has turned me into a freak ...


b314baae, 2012-01-16, 12:56AM CST

Yes I agree to every things these people are saying or this woman is saying. I spoke with Dr. Lam about one procedure and when he get you into his office he put on his sale face for other procedures. Sorry to say I to was fooled by the nice words and the thought of getting my confident bust, this is so up setting it has been a year now and I still have these really fat eye lumps underneath my eye brows I look angry all the time, I stay inside and I really do not come out unless I really need to. I look like Jocelyn Wildenstein before she was fixed buy you will never be right again. I am so sad inside and my heart just hurts with the thought that a plastic surgeon can take some someones money and ruin their face and never even call or follow up, not so much as ask for a follow up picture if you are from out of town. The mother even comes in a speak to you to help sale you on her son. YES THIS GUY IS DECEPTIVE PERSON!!!!!!! My Life will never be the same again.

dana s., 2013-09-20, 01:31PM CDT

For my upcoming special event, I chose to enhance my lips with temporary dermal filler. Thank God, I chose something temporary, otherwise, if it was permanent like silicone, it was going to be the worst mistake of my life. Mr. Lam injected the temporary filler into my lips. After the injection was made, they never called me to check up on me or set up a post procedure-follow up appointment. The swelling on my lips, especially lower lip, did not go down for almost a week which concerned me. I called them to ask, if this was normal. They asked me to come in and show it to Mr. Lam. Mr. Lam looked at it and said some of the filling material went in to the wrong area inside my lips, and that looked like a swelling, but it was actually the material used was collected below and inside my lower lip. (He injected it to the wrong area). He punctured inside my lower lip and squeezed the excessive material/filler out. My lips swell for another 4 to 5 days after this. End result, my upper lip is now uneven, one side is thicker/bigger than the other side. It is very visible especially when I smile. I hate looking at my photos that was taken during the event. This was a simple procedure, not even a serious surgery. I am anxiously waiting for the unevenness of my lips going away, as the filler dissolves over time. I question his talent, skills and dexterity. How can you inject the filler to the wrong area and why could you not prevent the uneven look, injecting one side more than the other causing me to have a distorted, skewed upper lip? I got the same procedure done 5 years ago and never had these problems.

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