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Posted on Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 11:37am CDT by 2b6d5048

Product: Home Loan

Company: Bank of America

Location: p.o. box 650070
DALLAS, TX, 75265-0070, US


Category: Business, Finances

Two years I asked for help! Mainly just to stop paying my principal so I had money to pay my credit cards off. I made 1st payment on property taxes in 09 but fell behind. I was able to catch back up in 2010 and made 1st payment again. In March I get a notice that BoA paided off 09 taxes without telling me and then they escrowed the next two years taxes into my loan which took my loan from $800 to either $1205-$1600 depending on how I wanted to pay them back. Hello I needed it to go down no double in price. Once again I started calling to see whats going on and try and get tempary help. Guess what they told me EVERY TIME?? That because I wasnt DELIQUENT they couldnt do anything to help(also income). So I took their advise and stopped paying my loan. Shortly after the first missed payment my phone started blowing up!! Two days after they didnt get the 2nd payment they send me a letter (NOTICE OF INTENT TO ACCELERATE) meaning that I better pay of they will foreclouse! Now this is after only 1.5 months they start threating to take my home. When I own 50% of the property. After receieving this letter I call finally to talk and see if their able to help. Well finally after getting someone the spoke english the first words out of their mouth were are you making a payment. No remorse to try and find out if they could help me. I've never felt so walked on in my life. This coming from someone whos been robbed by family, cheated on by friends and loved ones and just plain chewed up and spit out by others!! PLEASE TAKE MY ADVISE AND THAT THESE PEOPLE DONT CARE ABOUT ANYTHING BUT THERE BOTTOM LINE. REMIND THESE'S COMPANIES THAT IF IT WASNT FOR US THEY WOULD HAVE NO BOTTOM LINE SINCE WE HELP THEM GET THREW THOUGH TIMES BUT THEY WONT RETURN THE FAVOR!! HOPE THIS HELPS ANYONE FROM MAKING THE WRONG CHOICE!!

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e43297fc, 2010-08-08, 10:53AM CDT

I have set up a direct time to take out my Mortage, It was to be in August no fee or anything. I get a letter saying they are going to charge me $2.00 for this and $4.00 for that BULL HOCKEY!!! I'm angry and fread up with people being so greed nickle and dimeing people to death. I expect to hear from these people promt, I have no time to play games. For they are not going to get these fee's for I'm calling my bank and they will only get the Mortagage payment only . I had my way about it I would find another Mortage company but, I can't do that right now to many evil sources against me. But it will happen wait and see. Not only that they are Not taking out until September I comfirmed 2 times it will start in August just stinking grest.

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