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Posted on Friday, June 25th, 2010 at 11:13am CDT by 3bf00be4

Product: frigidaire

Company: Pacific Sales

Location: 511 West Arrow Highway
San Dimas, Ca, 91773, US


Category: Other

I purchased a refrigerator from Pacific Sales and paid for it in full at time of purchase over a month ago. They still have not delivered it. Please read the following e- mails regarding this miserable experience. I still don't have the refrigerator and no one has called me back. Here are copies of the e-mails:

Sent: Thursday, June 24, 2010 10:03 AM

To: PAC Consumer Relations

Subject: order sales #(deleted)

RE: sales #(deleted)

customer # (deleted)

Dear Sirs,

Please call your phone number, 1-800-540-7227 and try to obtain information regarding the delivery of this refrigerator order. It was purchased on 5-22-2010.

You should quickly realize that your phone answering service is a joke.

Please advise me when I can expect to take delivery of an appliance I paid for over a month ago. Also, in instances such as this, which involve rebate and recycling deadlines, why does your company refuse to pick up the old appliance for recycling before I take delivery of the new appliance. It is hardly my fault that I have missed rebate deadlines because your salesman, Louis, did not inform me he was selling me a product that could not be delivered within a reasonable period of time. I do not consider an unknown delivery date of more than one month from purchase reasonable, and neither do the patients that I entertain by telling this tale to each day.


Dr. Cecilia Grover

Their reply to this e- mail follows:

Dear Ms. Grover,

Thank you for taking the time to write to us about your recent purchase. First, let me apologize for any inconvenience and frustration you may have experienced regarding the estimated time on the sinks you ordered. Unfortunately, the etas provided are out of our hands, since the manufacturer provides us those dates.

Sometimes the manufacturers aren't able to meet the shipment dates given to us, subsequently changing the date again. This is what has happened with your refrigerator. The current date I show now for receiving your refrigerator is on 06/25 /10; however, these dates are always approximate. You will be contacted as soon as the refrigerator arrives or you are more than welcome to call at 800-540-7227.

In regards to the California Cash for Appliances Program, you will have plenty of time to submit your rebate form. The program will continue until funds exhaust. Your patience and understanding is appreciated.


Pacific Sales/Consumer Relations

3931 Workman Mills Road

Whittier, CA 9061

I have replied as follows:

This is so typical of the service I have received from your company. I write to you about a refrigerator and you write back to me about sinks. I did not order sinks.

I write to you about the aggravation of your substandard toll free number and the answering "loop" it puts you into and suggest that you evaluate it by calling it yourself. You write to me to call that number.

I write to you as Dr. Grover, letting you know that I am amusing my patients with stories of your delays and excuses. You reply to Ms. Grover with more excuses.

This e-mail will be posted (along with it's thread) in my office until I have a refrigerator delivered.

May I please have the e-mail address of your supervisor?


Dr. Cecilia Grover

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99bdf35e, 2010-12-29, 05:10PM CST

Sadly, this is the type of service that is allowed to continue with the supervisors knowledge. I previously worked for them in the Customer Service Department... and well needless to say I left due to the BS we kept giving customers... so sorry for your hassles

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