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Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 2:02pm CDT by e2870a1e

Product: Zoo Printing

Company: Zoo Printing

Location: 5700 Bandini Blvd.
Commerce, CA, 90040, US

URL: http://www.zooprinting.com/

Category: Other

We've been using their service for more then an year, and we did not have problems with them until recently, but it seems like they have grown and could not handle the load anymore. And the same is true for their customer service.

I have placed the order for business card, and I paid extra choosing the option to have them processed the next day. I also ordered the 2 days shipping as I needed to have them in 5 business days.

I assume that the giving one extra day will be enough. However, when I checked the order status in 3 days I saw, that my order is still not shipped. I called to zoo printing, and spoken with the customer service representative, who assured me, that the order had been shipped the previous day, and that it is just the web site has not been updated.

Of cause he had lied. The order has been shipped in the evening of the day, when I had called.

And as a result, we did not get them on time. Even more, we did not get them at all as the UPS left them somewhere on the porch two days latter then we had expected them, and taking in the account, that we had to leave for a few days we did not get them at all.

When I called to Zoo Printing next week about this case, I didn't get even apology, not talking about some credit or compensation. All I get was

"This is new service for us, and we do not guarantee the time, and that you didn't get them this is your problem"

I could not say, that the customer service representative was rude, he wasn't but he was like a machine repeating the same thing - "we do not guarantee anything"

Of cause they didn't put me through to a manager, recommending to write a ticket, which was impossible in those few days i had been communicating with them - if you try to write the ticket you just been redirected to the login screen.

When I mentioned this to a representative I've been spoken with he answered, that he doesn't know anything about the problem and everybody just sending the requests successfully.

I didn't find out from him, who are those "everybody"


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