Radio Shack - Worthless Radio Shanck Extended Service Plans

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 11:26am CDT by 11f95a4a

Product: Radio Shack Wireless Service Plan

Company: Radio Shack

Location: US


Category: Other

When purchasing a new cell phone and wireless carrier at Radio Shack, I was talked into buying an Extended Service Plan by the salesman. I was told it covered everything and could get in-store replacement. Basically none of it is true. It only covers failed electronic components and does not include in-store replacement. I would have been far better off buying the AT&T insurance plan. It covers far more. I learned that with Radio Shack, you can't believe the sales people (they lie) and you have to read all of the fine print (and there is LOTs of it). A very shady retailer for sure. I learned an expensive lesson but they will not get any more of my business and I will be sure to tell anyone who will listen what a crooked and sleazy company they are.


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