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Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 9:31am CDT by 0c385e21

Product: Sony CD Walkman & Car Adapter

Company: Sony Electronics

Location: 16530 Via Estrillo San Diego, CA 92127
San Diego, ca, 92127, US


Category: Other

A request was made of Sony Electronics to provide warranty service or to replace a defective brand new part on an electronic item which was purchased recently. The customer relations team for Sony responded by saying they would take care of the matter, however, they have done nothing, provided no shipping label as promised, provided very poor and discourteous customer service, contradicted what they said with what they did, and produced at least five occasions of contradictory statements, and lastly, even tried to accuse the customer of lying, although the customer received neither services, nor replacement parts, or for that matter, anything from Sony, other than poor, subjective, unknowledgeable and incompetent customer service and treatment. Coincidental to this, a letter was written to Sony, wherein they responded permitting the same inappropriate customer service team to make contact with the customer, thereby solving nothing, doing nothing, and basically letting the matter conveniently die without resolution. When a last attempt was made by the customer to call Sony and request a mitigated solution, such as simply sending the inexpensive replacement part, Sony responded with more rude behavior and explicitly stated that they would not do that and that they have done everything required, and even attempted to blame UPS and the customer for the lack of resolution.


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0c385e21, 2010-07-02, 03:13PM CDT

The Consumer was contacted by Sony Electronics on July 2, 2010; this was after two letters were sent to Sony, one directly, and the other through the Better Business Bureau of New York. Sony offered to resolve the set of circumstances, apologized for the absurd treatment, and offered more than what the warranty covered, suffice it to say, this response was commendable, in light of the elongated period their outsourced customer relations allowed the issue to exist.

25c641aa, 2010-07-09, 10:34AM CDT

I have had a similar experience with a replacement battery for my Sony camera.

They sent the wrong one, and when I called to get them to fix it, they spent almost 30 minutes of my time basically calling me stupid before finally admitting that I was correct and telling me that I had to contact a different branch of Sony because they did not even stock the correct battery.

They were incredibly incompetent. Where do they find these folks???

00749f3d, 2010-11-26, 03:30AM CST

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557f4448, 2011-01-03, 04:14PM CST

I'm going through the same b.s. with a laptop computer. I'm trying to initiate a repair covered by a three year extended warranty. I've been getting the run around since 12/29/10. The customer service reps have been sympathetic but haven't done a thing. I finally ended up with the most rude customer service supervisor I've ever encountered. I'm hoping the shipping box to send my laptop for repairs will arrive tomorrow. I've been a loyal Sony customer since 1972 but I'm really having second thoughts about ever purchasing another product from them.

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