The Law Offices of Randy Bumgarner - Randy Bumgarner, attorney in Oklahoma City, OK is a rip-off!!!!

Posted on Thursday, June 24th, 2010 at 12:32pm CDT by 3556fc93

Product: Legal Services

Company: The Law Offices of Randy Bumgarner

Location: 116 South Walker Ave
Oklahoma City, Ok, 73102, US


Category: Other

Randy Bumgarner, attorney in Oklahoma City , OK is a rip-off!!!! Do not hire him!!! Unless you want an attorney that will never answer your calls, emails, any questions, and will take your money while providing substandard representation, DO NOT hire this attorney!!!! I hired Randy Bumgarner in 2009. Upon initial contact, Mr. Bumgarner was quite communicative and friendly, calling after normal business hours to discuss the case and whether or not I wanted to hire him. However, as soon as he got my money...paid in full up-front, communication ceased!!!! I could never get him on the phone and could not get any responses to any questions via email either. It was very frustrating, stressful, a nightmare!!!! He attended one short hearing. He had to continually be corrected while testimony was provided by his own client. After the hearing, I fired Mr. Bumgarner and he conveniently fabricated a statement that used up the entire up front payment he received from me???charging me for emails that I sent to him!!!! To top it off, he never responded to any of the emails!!!!! Heed the warning!!!! Randy Bumgarner is not your best option for legal representation; he might be your worst???it turned out to be a very bad mistake, as well as a WASTE of money, for me to hire this ???attorney???. I ended up hiring someone else in Oklahoma City that very good???always responsive and prepared in court! Don???t waste your money too!!!


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